Just a half hour from the Big Apple is the beautiful campus of Concordia College, this summer the college will play host to DMA’s critically acclaimed tech, film and game design camp for both kids and teens. Digital Media Academy proudly announces its newest location – in Bronxville, New York.

The charming village of Bronxville was established in 1881. Concordia College sits just to the northwest of Bronxsville and is an NCAA division II school.

DMA campers headed to the Concordia campus this summer will get to choose from film camps, robotics camps and video game design camps in New York. DMA offers a world-class day camp experience for ages 8 – 17. All of DMA’s camps are accredited by Stanford Continuing Studies and all the camps are taught by industry professionals or technology educators.

Camping in Concordia
In the day long camp, which run from 9AM – 5PM, kids and teens get a hands-on, interactive learning experience using the latest hardware and software. DMA’s Adventures camps focus on STEM learning and are both fun and exciting—with topics like filmmaking & photography, 2D & 3D game creation, Science & Engineering and Architecture. The learning experience is balanced with kids also getting breaks throughout the day to go outside and play. The play sessions include organized activities and supervised breaks.

Adventures campers enjoy a high tech learning experience and time outside, with short breaks through the day.

The DMA Experience
DMA offers both one week camps and two-week academies at Concordia, with camps starting at $825 for a week-long experience. For teens, a week-long experience starts at $1,065.

It’s money well spent to get your child on a career fast track. And with everything from computer programming to photography, from robotics to game design DMA offers over 70 different camps—DMA, the best tech camp, and one with most variety.

“Concordia College is a distinguished institution and DMA is delighted to be coming to Bronxville,” says DMA founder and president Phil Gibson. “The school’s close proximity to New York City will make this summer’s programs especially attractive to many area families that have one or more parents who commute daily to and from the city or the Westchester corporate corridor and who are looking for an enriching summer tech camp experience for their children.”

Digital Media Academy was ranked as one of the top ten summer camps in the world by Worth.com in 2011 (it was the only tech camp on the list) – and is excited to be bringing DMA’s world-class experience to Westchester, NY.