Name: Brandon T.
Age: 15
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Future Occupation: Game Designer
Course: 3D Art & Modeling for Game Design with Maya®
Campus: UCLA

“Digital Media Academy fulfilled my passion for creating video games.”

What do you want to be?
“Ever since I was seven years old, I’ve wanted to be a video game designer. When I grow up, I want to work for Blizzard Entertainment. It’s my favorite game-development company and I have wanted to work for them since I was very young.”

What did you learn at DMA?
“At DMA, I learned how to do 3D modeling using Autodesk® Maya®, and used that skill to make a model of a StarCraft II® Void Seeker. My model was very detailed and intricate, and took a lot of work to make it look good. One of the cool things I learned (and which was vital to completing my project) was that I could model only half of the spaceship and then use the mirror feature to finish the other half, which I could do because my model was symmetrical.”

What was your most memorable camp moment?
“I really enjoyed working in class and then getting to compare my work with my classmates. That allowed me to see what other designers did and share with them what I did, and maybe help them a little on part of their work or get an idea for something cool that I could use in mine.”

How did DMA inspire you?
“To become a game developer. (DMA) gave me an environment where I could get a head-start and learn the skills I needed.”

Brandon created this StarCraft spaceship. (“StarCraft II is my all-time favorite game, which is why I made Zeratul’s Void Seeker from StarCraft for my project at DMA.”)

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