If “burning ice” sounds impossible to you, maybe you haven’t heard the latest about researchers at the University of California at Irvine.

These “ice cubes” form naturally under freezing temperatures and pressures greater than 100 times that of Earth’s atmosphere.

The important scientific work presently taking place at this leading research university may eventually lead to a new solution for meeting the world’s mounting energy needs.

This summer, kids from all over the country will come to the UCI campus, ready to experience scientific exploration—as campers in Digital Media Academy’s Science & Engineering tech camps. And that’s just one of the tech camps at UC Irvine DMA is offering this summer.

Fire and Ice
UC Irvine (or UCI as it’s called by locals) has started construction of a huge new scientific research facility to study burning ice. The facility will replicate the same icy cold conditions and extreme high pressures found deep below the ocean depths.

That’s where burning ice lives, buried beneath the ocean floor. Burning ice is essentially methane crystals, which are surrounded within ice structures. The hope is that an affordable way will be found so the methane can be extracted and processed as a fossil fuel. With energy demand at an all-time high, burning ice could eventually be a world-changing development.

Scientific Leader
It’s not surprising that UCI would find itself at the forefront of researching fuel sources; UCI has long distinguished itself as a pioneering force in science.

Explore Southern California’s many tourist destinations (including Disneyland and scenic Laguna Beach) while your budding scientist or engineer explores the world of science at UC Irvine.

The University is home to the Beckman Laser Institute, the Keck Center for Accelerator Mass Spectrometry, the Center for Complex Biological Systems and the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology.

And this summer, UCI will play host to another kind of scientific gathering, when Digital Media Academy again brings its summer tech camp programs to UCI’s scenic Orange County campus. For two incredible weeks (June 17th through 28th), students will take part in various camps offering concentrated education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) disciplines.

A Perfect Science Camp Experience
This summer DMA offers tech camps in cutting-edge subjects like Adventures in Science & Engineering, where students will master basic scientific concepts through creative experiments and hands-on learning.

DMA provides world-class instruction from experienced industry insiders and talented teaching professionals, all based upon today’s leading technological tools and software. Camps are held on America’s most prestigious college and university campuses—and UCI’s Orange County location is the perfect spot for creating an ideal family vacation.