“Digital Media Academy was a great experience. I had a lot of fun. I’m glad that opportunity is out there for kids.”

Name: Ezrah P.
Age: 11
Hometown: San Luis Obispo, CA
Future Occupation: Filmmaker, Artist, Scientist
Course: Adventures in Filmmaking & Special Effects
Campus: Digital Filmmaking Camp at Stanford

What do you want to be?
“I’m not sure. Maybe a photographer, director or movie editor. I also think of possibly becoming a musician or even a cartoonist. Hopefully, I’ll end up with a career connected to the film business.”

What skills did you learn at DMA?
“I learned how to make a movie using special effects, developing a plot and building characters. Some of the basic effects techniques I learned were motion tracking, adding filters, text overlays, cutting scenes and adding sound and music. I also learned about slowing down and speeding up footage, playing it in reverse and a bunch of other things.”

How did DMA inspire you?
“During my time at DMA, I met some very good friends that helped with some of the stuff I didn’t quite understand, and I also helped them as well. We worked as a team. DMA taught me to find big inspiration from little things. Making a movie was fun, but I thought it would be just a hobby. I never expected it could lead to a real job!”

What was your most memorable camp moment?
“Just making friends. That was priceless, and getting to know them on and off the set was awesome. Just having the freedom to be kids while doing what we love with friends. We had fun while we were coming up with funny scenes that we should put in the movie.”

Are you hoping to attend DMA camp next summer?
“Yes! If possible I would really like to go to Digital Photography camp in New York.”

How much did Ezrah enjoy DMA? At first, his grandparents thought Ezrah was bored because he was so quiet on the ride home after being picked up from camp. Turns out he was just exhausted from a day full of activities! Not only that, but his grandfather reported that Ezrah was roaring to get back to class the next morning – and wanted to be taken in extra early…at 6 am!

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