Students arriving at DMA tech camps at Harvard this summer will find so many things to like: Historic Harvard Yard, more than 80 libraries and a variety of world-class museums. Harvard has long been a favorite location for Digital Media Academy’s tech camps, and it’s easy to see why.

Early computer scientist Grace Hopper checking the Harvard Mark II.

Home of the Computer Bug
A think tank without rival, Harvard is always at the forefront of scientific discovery. In fact, Harvard was where the first computer bug was found.

The discovery was made back in 1947, when the U.S. Navy sponsored the building of a powerful calculating machine at Harvard. The Harvard Mark II was a wonder for its time, and featured an early data tape system. On Sept. 9, 1947, a computer technician found an interesting item stuck in one of the machine’s relays: a moth. Later, the insect was taped into the computer’s log book. A computer scientist, Grace Hopper, added the notation: “First actual case of bug being found.”

Bettering the Big Bang Theory
Harvard was in the news recently to report a scientific breakthrough that would stun the wizards on “The Big Bang Theory.” A team of Harvard scientists announced in late March that it had discovered how to measure the magnetic charge of single particles of matter and antimatter with a degree of precision previously thought impossible.

Harvard’s distinguished campus was founded more than a century before the United States declared independence from England. (Image: Harvard News)

The team, which includes Harvard undergrads as well as grad students, used special traps to isolate protons so they could be studied in greater detail than ever before. How much greater detail? Approximately 1,000 times more accurate. Once again, Harvard sets the pace for academic research.

An Amazing Place to Learn
Harvard is an incredible place, and a wonderful place to discover exciting new subjects…like Filmmaking. This summer, campers in Digital Media Academy’s tech camps at Harvard will explore many great subjects, like digital filmmaking. For teens without any prior background in film, DMA’s Digital Filmmaking for Teens – Beginner camp is a perfect introduction, taking you through the basics of making a movie, including everything from how to plan a production to how to edit your footage with Final Cut Pro®.

Teens who have already been making their own movies will find DMA’s Digital Filmmaking for Teens – Advanced camp a way to truly master the craft of filmmaking. With advanced tips and techniques needed to add polish and style their personal films—all provided by expert instruction that will improve their cinematography and editing.

And for teens who really want the entire film-camp experience, DMA’s Academy for Digital Filmmaking camp provides two full weeks of intense, project-based learning. During the first week, campers use Canon HD video cameras while discovering all phases of movie production. The second week takes students into advanced shooting and editing techniques, as well as visual effects, motion graphics and audio recording.

Make history this summer at Harvard. We’ll see you there!