Welcome back to Digital Media Academy’s HOW-TO series of instructional videos. In Part 1 of our HOW-TO on Source Filmmaker, we explore the basics of interacting and controlling camera movements in Valve’s 3D animation software, Source Filmmaker.


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Source Filmmaker, Part 1:

What You’ll Learn in this Video:

  • Basic system requirements for Source Filmmaker
  • Exploring scene files in Source Filmmaker
  • Creating a new session
  • Working with the program’s maps
  • Which key commands control certain camera movements


Learning More
We hope you enjoyed Part 1 of this Source Filmmaker HOW-TO. If you like what you saw, check out DMA’s digital filmmaking tech camps. There are courses for every age group; kids age 8 to 12 will enjoy DMA’s Adventures in Filmmaking & Special Effects camp, which gives them a great introduction to the basics of filmmaking. Teens have several choices, such as DMA’s Digital Filmmaking for Teens – Beginner camp which gives enthusiastic newcomers the perfect place to start their work in film. But to really master Source Filmmaker, the program we’re now profiling, try DMA’s 3D Animated Filmmaking with Source Filmmaker, which gives aspiring filmmakers solid, animation-based experience with Source Filmmaker. If you’re interested in making movies, DMA is a great place to master the craft.

Learn more about this video’s host, DMA Instructor Phillip Reeves.

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