The only thing cooler than playing with robots? Building them yourself, at DMA’s robotics tech camp at the University of Chicago.

The University of Chicago (UC) has played a key role in some of the most important discoveries of modern science.

History gets made here: UC is where plutonium was discovered in 1940. The first artificial, self-sustained nuclear reaction also took place here in 1942, led by famous physicist Enrico Fermi. Also, radiocarbon dating was developed here.

And this summer, UC is host to Digital Media Academy’s amazing computer camps.

The Location for Imagination
Kids and teens from all over the Midwest have been learning how to create technology using state-of-art tools like Apple computers and Canon cameras. They’re making movies, creating robots, computer animation, video games and more. Just take a look at all the fun you could be having this summer at DMA tech camps at the University of Chicago:

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-working-togetherFuture game developers create a character using Maya, the same tools used by professional video game developers.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-teen-robotics-camperThe Adventures in Robotics camp is popular with girls too.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-kids-architecture-campIn the Adventures in Architecture & Structural Design camp taught by DMA Instructor Marc Irwin, Adventures campers discover the key concepts that make bridges work—by building their own bridges.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-student-workstationsNo computer sharing at DMA. Each camper uses his or her own Apple computer workstation for the week.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-robotics-campThe proud smile on this DMA robot-maker’s face says it all: “I made this!”

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-1on1-instructionDMA campers get one-on-one attention from seasoned tech educators who know how to connect with kids.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-exploring-campusDuring supervised breaks, DMA campers explore a few historic spots on the University of Chicago campus.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-camper-and-finished-robotThis camper can’t wait to put his robot to the ultimate test in DMA’s Sumo Bot Challenge.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-graphic-design-campDMA offers a wide range of tech camps for teens who want to stretch their creative skills.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-happy-camper“I had the best time. I can’t wait to come back next year!”

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-adventures-robotics-campKids let their imagination run loose when they’re building robots.

DMA-Univ-of-Chicago-robot-battleEach Friday kids in DMA’s Robotics camp take part in the Sumo Robo Challenge.