DMA filmmaking students at UCSD get busy while a Post-It Note recreation of the famous shark from “Jaws” rises behind them.

Digital Media Academy is partnered with great universities to run our programs, but when we arrive on campus it’s up to DMA’s directors to turn those university classrooms into cool and creative tech-learning spaces.

And it takes a lot to transform a university classroom into a Digital Media Academy tech-camp space: Apple computers and other equipment such as desks, chairs and software.

One of the things that always gets noticed immediately are the cool and eye-popping decorations that are used to turn average college classrooms into fun, creative learning spaces.

Using Post-It Notes, DMA’s location directors deploy teams of camp counselors to help create Post-It Note art. Using subject matter from video games, movies and music, they turned out some amazing creations.

UCSD’s winning team was led by Lialie, shown with her cool new iPad mini™!

Building the Perfect Picture
Although there were great decorations at all of DMA’s locations, the most impressive decorations this camp season came from the dynamic team at the University of California, San Diego. Congrats to DMA’s UCSD Program Director Lialie Ibrahim and Assistant Director Ryan Young!

2014 decorating highlights of the UCSD team include:

• A minion from “Despicable Me,” with a clock as its eye.
• An “Adventure Time”-themed room.
• A “Minecraft”-decorated room with Post-It Notes simulating game objects like red stones.
• Each DMA classroom had themed decorations, which were changed weekly.

For their efforts, both Lialie and Ryan received an iPad mini™. The UCSD staff was chosen in part because they know how to create art with Post-it notes, but also because they know how to promote creativity and team building among students.

Our congrats to both of our UCSD winners and thanks to all the DMA location directors and staff for participating in this fun contest!

DMA-Decoration-Contest-UCSD-campusUCSD’s winning team took great care to deliver fun, eye-popping visuals for students. Each classroom featured themed Post-It Note art, and the creations were changed weekly.