If you’re into cool outer space simulations, let the Kerbals be your guide.

Elon Musk, the noted inventor and founder of Tesla Motors and the space exploration company known as SpaceX, recently held a Reddit AMA and one of the session’s surprises is he’s a huge fan of Kerbal Space Program®.

Kerbal Space Program (KSP) is a game created by Squad, which teaches its players the key concepts related to aerospace.

Less of a game and more of a space flight simulator, KSP was “launched” in 2011 and has proven enormously successful with gamers and fans of space and science. KSP is even popular with professionals from the space industry, including NASA employees.

“Kerbal is awesome!” gushed Musk on the Reddit AMA, to the delight of KSP fans who had asked Musk about similarities between his space missions and KSP gameplay.

A Game That’s Out of This World
In KSP, players help guide a race of little green spacemen known as Kerbals as they try to get their own budding space program off the ground.

Real-life rocket man Elon Musk thrilled KSP fans recently when he raved about the game.

You help the Kerbals build rockets and spaceplanes, based on provided equipment. Then, after you’ve built the perfect rocket, you have to launch and fly it successfully during missions that have various operational goals.

It sounds simple but because KSP was carefully designed, it incorporates complex orbital physics that often makes the game quite challenging for newcomers. This same complexity makes KSP a super teaching tool for explaining the complicated aspects of rocket science.

In fact, this summer at Digital Media Academy tech camps, kids ages 8 through 12 will be having fun as they master space flight physics with KSP, through DMA’s aerospace tech camp. They’ll also be learning how to design and launch a real rocket.

But the cool science doesn’t stop there, because campers in this class also explore electrical circuits and how they work and how to build circuits using littleBits®. And were that not enough for one amazing week, kids in this tech camp also discover structural design using West Point Bridge Maker.

Cutting-edge tech camps like DMA use KSP as a teaching tool because of its realistic orbital physics.

Ready to Blast Off This Summer?
Get into science in a fun way, DMA tech camps are located across the U.S. and Canada.