The University of Toronto features an enormous mega-campus made up of three smaller ones.

Digital Media Academy has been called the World’s Best Tech Camp for a reason: DMA’s tech camps teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and offer kids and teens a great way to spend their summer at a prestigious university—in the U.S. AND Canada.

DMA combines cutting-edge digital-age subjects (like robotics, filmmaking, app development, game design, music production, animation and more) with instructors who have worked in the industries they teach. Add in today’s leading software programs and a strong focus on project completion, and you’ve got the DMA equation for excellence.

Cool DMA Camps at UBC Vancouver
Imagine the fascinating subjects you could be discovering this summer at DMA’s tech camps at UBC in Vancouver. Here are just some of the great courses:

DMA Makes it Happen at the University of Toronto
Not to be outdone by UBC, the DMA program at UT is equally outstanding. Check out these tech camps:

The UBC campus features cool student housing with a post-modern design.

McGill University Tech Camps and Teen Courses
McGill University is nestled in Montreal, and DMA’s summer camps at McGill are the best in the area.

DMA’s been at McGill for a few years and parents in the area continue to tell us how glad they are we brought the program to Montreal (and so are we).

For hands-on technology learning, kids and teens get access to the best tech and can choose from over 25 technology courses, including:

Set Your Compass on “N”
Camp will soon be in session at UBC’s Vancouver campus. Plus DMA’s University of Toronto’s campus and McGill will inspire, engage and challenge the next generation of creators. This summer, grab your compass…and head North!