Computer code is today’s universal language, so it makes sense that you’d want to learn it early. Sometimes, however, the hardest part of coding can be finding a place to start.

We know that the kids and teens of today will be the computer coders and programmers of tomorrow. In fact, it’s estimated that 8.5 million STEM jobs will be created during the next decade, but there will be a lack of qualified graduates to fill these positions. Fortunately, we live in a world where our smartphones (and even our gold Apple watches) have become some of our most trusted learning companions. That’s why we’re here to show you the best free apps to learn programming.


Kodable for iOS
Perfect for kids ages 5 and up, Kodable is a free game featuring a kid-friendly introduction to programming concepts and problem solving.

Explore planet Smeeborg, a foreign planet where the fuzzFamily has crashed its spaceship. Users must guide the fuzzFamily through Technomazes while testing problem-solving skills and gaining an understanding of the types of logic and concepts required in computer programming.


Hopscotch for iOS
Introduce yourself to computer programming with Hopscotch. This colorful, easy-to-use app allows kids to create programs and build confidence before they encounter the complexities of coding.

Using an easy-to-use drag-and-drop system, kids create original games and animations starring Hopscotch’s quirky band of characters that can be shared with other users around the world. Hopscotch has been featured by Apple and received the Best Educational Technology award from Children’s Technology Reviews. Give Hopscotch a try.

Codecademy: Code Hour

Codecademy: Code Hour for iOS
Codecademy is committed to teaching the world how to write code with programming languages like Python and HTML through Codecademy’s interactive learning platform.

Code Hour is designed to provide users with an in-depth understanding of the world’s most common programming languages through bite-sized lessons and exercises that require just an hour. With dozens of free lessons and exercises, Codecademy: Code Hour will put you on the right path to #CreateTheNext Facebook or Google.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy for iOS & Khan Academy for Android

Discover practically anything with Khan Academy, a well-established learning tool consisting of videos, interactive exercises and in-depth articles surrounding STEM and more.

Khan Academy also hosts a wide array of computer programming courses that can teach you to animate, create games and design Web pages powered by code. With more than 10 million users per month and 300 million lessons delivered, Khan Academy is one of the most trusted names in online education.

Online Learning with DMA
Test your skills before the summer with DMA Online, Digital Media Academy’s online elearning portal.

Developed by our instructors, DMA Online gives students exactly the skills they need to make the most of their summer camp experience. Each course provides 15 to 20 hours of content and is delivered in a fun and engaging way, with students completing challenges to master the skills they learn through video instruction. Be sure to sign up today!*

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