Digital Media Academy announced today that it has opened its Financial Assistance program for the 2015 summer season. The announcement marks the 13th year that Digital Media Academy has extended financial assistance to students.

DMA provides financial assistance to students from around the world.

In past years, DMA has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars in aid to students around the world. The assistance has allowed students the opportunity to get hands-on technology education that might not have been made available to them otherwise.

Making a Difference
Mark B. is one of the many parents thankful for the opportunity DMA’s financial assistance program gave their child. In this case, his son, Daniel.

“I don’t know where my son would be today if it weren’t for DMA,” Mr. B. told a DMA Guest Service representative.

After being injured at work, Mr. B was unable to work and couldn’t afford the tuition for Daniel to attend DMA. This father was looking for a way to inspire his son and thought putting Daniel’s video-game playing skills to good use was a smart start.

Mr. B. applied for Financial Assistance and was awarded a scholarship. After attending a DMA course, Daniel was learning how to create video games, instead of just playing them. After two summers at DMA, Daniel is now pursuing his undergraduate degree at UC Santa Cruz.

Digital Media Academy believes that technology education should be available to everyone, regardless of circumstances or means. DMA awards limited tuition assistance based on financial need…and knows attending the world’s best tech camp can be a life-changing opportunity.

Discover what it takes to #CreateTheNext tech revolution at DMA.