It’s one of the largest media conferences in the nation. South by Southwest 2015 (March 13-22) is part CES, part E3 and part Sundance. During the conference, interactive-, film- and music-industry professionals from all over the world gather in Austin, Texas, to talk media.

Marcus Duvoisin shares some DMA goodies with attendees at the 2015 SXSW conference. 

In the few days prior to the start of the main conference, the conference venue also attracts educators for sessions known as “SXSWedu.” What began in 2011 as a Texas-focused K-12 event is now a massive conference featuring more than 300 sessions and workshops and 700+ speakers.

Here teachers and students see how media and technology are changing the face of education – and Digital Media Academy is there.

Welcome to The Playground
The Playground is a casual learning space that as SXSW puts it, “fuels innovation through discovery by highlighting pursuits in STEM, gaming, virtual learning, accessibility, arts integration and more.”

DMA is at SXSWedu showing teachers and students how to create the future with several hands-on displays. “We’re providing 15- minute, hands-on tech activities,” says Marcus Duvoisin, assistant director of curriculum and a DMA instructor. “People can learn some basic computer programming, some 3D modeling and printing, how to modify game objects in Minecraft and even how to create an electrical circuit.” Duvoisin is joined by other DMA team members at SXSWedu, who are giving tech demonstrations in the SXSWedu Playground until March 12.

Educators and students can get free How-To resource guides like this one at DMA’s SXSWedu booth. 

“We want teachers to try the demos and take them back to their classrooms. We’re providing How-To Guides for educators, which are available at the show or by download from DMA’s Tools for Educators webpage,” Duvoisin added. It’s a great way for students and teachers to get hands-on tech experience and make something cool in the process.

SXSWedu’s goal is to connect people and inspire collaboration and creativity – in the process, hopefully changing how people teach and learn. It’s why SXSWedu is a perfect platform for DMA, whose goal as a company is to empower the next generation of makers and technology creators.

Tech in The Classroom
Considering our world is so reliant on technology and digital media, its sad to see these subjects aren’t more center-stage everywhere. DMA and SXSW are eager to change that and get youth (and the people teaching them) interested in tech early on.