Today, almost half of all live-streaming video traffic on the Internet comes from one place. No, it isn’t the NFL or even YouTube; this traffic is generated by Twitch is now one of the Internet’s most visited sites, just behind Netflix, Apple and Google.
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So what is Twitch is a streaming video service that’s all about video games. Watch user videos, playthroughs and e-sports competitions while you stream your own game sessions for anyone to view. Owned by and headquartered in San Francisco, Twitch has become one of Silicon Valley’s top innovators since its 2011 launch.

After its first month on the Web, Twitch had collected a user base of more than 8 million gamers…and those numbers haven’t slowed. Currently has over 60 million active streamers, with the average user spending 1 hour 45 minutes watching content each day.

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So how do you broadcast your game session using Twitch? Follow the guide below and start streaming today:

  1. Create a free account at
  2. Download the free Twitch app on your Xbox One or PlayStation 4.
  3. Link your account to the Twitch app on your gaming console.
  4. Activate Twitch on your gaming console by visiting and entering the security code.
  5. Select “Broadcast” from inside the Twitch app and start sharing your game session.

Make Money Playing Games’s gamers are dedicated to gaming…and for good reason. Much like top YouTube contributors, Twitch’s most popular gamers monetize their channels in return for a nice paycheck at the end of the month. With the ability to charge viewers for subscriptions, earn gamer tips and receive ad revenue, Twitch’s top gamers are making some big bucks.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 comes ready to go. Press the SHARE button on the controller to start broadcasting your game session.

While game designers & developers tend to get all of the recognition, shines the spotlight on gamers. With the rise of competitive gaming and the climbing number of broadcasts, Twitch has redefined sports in the Digital Age.

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