DMA Online features Digital Media Academy’s Internet-based Learning Management System (LMS), and offers the same world-class instruction as DMA’s tech camp program, but delivered through online courses. DMA Online courses are open to any students (ages 10 and up) who are registered for the Summer 2015 camp season.

Minecraft™ is all about building cool things. The only limits are your imagination…

Fundamentals of Minecraft™ is one of several great new DMA Online courses now available. Here’s a course overview:

What’s Included

This course provides up to 20 hours of concentrated learning time, depending on student interest and aptitude. The content mixes specially recorded video instruction with written materials and practical exercises (“Challenges”) that encourage your child to learn by doing. There are even ways for students to discuss their progress with others, making the interactive experience even greater. It’s a super way to get sharper for DMA Minecraft™ summer camp, and get more out of the world’s most popular video game.

DMA’s Learning Management System (LMS) makes it easy to complete the course, with necessary Minecraft™ information delivered logically.

Challenge Exercises
Fundamentals in Minecraft™ is strengthened by 15 Challenge exercises, where the student gets to put the concepts they’ve just learned into practice. The course includes these engaging and fun Challenges:

  • Surviving on the DMA Server: A fun way to get up to speed on using DMA’s incredible Minecraft™ server, site of most of your work.
  • Level Design Centipede: You’ll analyze the classic arcade game Centipede, studying the way the game’s mechanics are used.
  • Castle Adventure Map: This heroic story is set in a castle right out of King Arthur. “Your thoughts and comments about this Adventure Map’s level design are royally requested…”
  • Minecraft™ Parkour: Parkour is all about action and speed. Do you have what it takes?
  • Redstone Build Challenge: Use your understanding of Redstone building mechanics
    to solve this challenge.
  • Create Centipede Character: Based on what you’ve learned about creation tools using Pixlr and modifying a resource pack.
  • The Ender Challenge: Your final and greatest challenge! Bring all you’ve learned together and make a level transition to another.


What’s Covered

DMA Online courses are carefully shaped by the same acclaimed educators and curriculum designers who make Digital Media Academy’s highly respected summer camp program. This team created a dedicated means for delivering that great curriculum. DMA’s LMS makes exploring complex subjects like Minecraft™ a fun and stimulating experience.

In Fundamentals of Minecraft™, your student receives an introduction to major Minecraft™ concepts. The student performs different learning exercises, while getting a solid foundation in the mechanics of Minecraft.

Whether you’re coming to DMA for modding or game design, taking the Fundamentals of Minecraft™ will give you the basic knowledge required to start camp this summer with confidence, and help you make the most of your DMA experience.

Fundamentals_of_Minecraft_resourcesCourse resources are close at hand, and make it easy to work at your own pace.

Dive into the anatomy of Minecraft™, learn about resource packs, Redstone, Adventure Maps, plug-ins and more. You’ll get special access to DMA’s Minecraft™ server and will work through most of the course there.

Major areas of study include:

Minecraft 101
Learn the basics of Minecraft™. This achievement is designed for students who aren’t all that familiar with Minecraft™. It will teach you how to play the basic game, and navigate around. Since Minecraft™ comes with no instructions, you might find this helpful. But if you already know it, feel free to move through quickly and dive into the other achievements.

Game Design: The Level Designer
Discover how to use Minecraft™ as a game engine, and build out your game world. You’ll learn amazing tricks with World Edit to cut your build time way down.

Game Design: The Programmer Role
Bring your worlds to life with Redstone. Programming in Minecraft™ is done through virtual circuitry and logic gates called Redstone.

Game Design: The Artist
Reskin your Minecraft™ environment with your own art. You’ll learn to customize textures using resource packs.

Game Design: The Game Designer
Learn to design fun, compelling games within Minecraft™. The Game Designer brings the whole process together, and maintains the games core vision through all other aspects of development.

Minecraft™ Servers
Explore hosting and customizing your own self-hosted Minecraft™ server for you and your friends.

Minecraft_chamberThink of the amazing worlds you’ll explore with what you learn in Fundamentals of Minecraft™…

(Important Note: Students must have an active Minecraft™ account set up prior to taking this course. You can purchase a Minecraft™ account online from

Maximize Your DMA Summer
The Fundamentals of Minecraft course is an inexpensive add-on. Plus, it’s easy and fun to take, from anywhere the student gets Internet access.

It’s learning that revolves around their personal schedule, and it provides a strong foundation in Minecraft’s core principles. That foundation will help your student take the Minecraft™ skills they learn this summer even further. The Fundamentals of Minecraft™ course from DMA Online offers amazing value for students and their families.