Parents ask the same question: Do you have a camp experience that offers both classroom learning and outdoor activities?

summer_soccer_campPlayers from Santa Clara University give DMA campers expert instruction in field tactics like shooting, passing, heading, dribbling and faints.

While all of Digital Media Academy’s camps offer activities outside class, if you’re looking for an exciting blend of sports and high-tech learning, look no further than DMA’s hybrid sports and tech camps.

At Digital Media Academy’s Santa Clara University location, for example, students enjoy camps that mix soccer with cool tech subjects, such as game design and graphic design.

Putting a New Spin on Soccer
Soccer’s never been hotter, both around the world and here in the United States. More fans are watching soccer than ever, and more young people are playing the sport than ever before – both in school and in after-school leagues.

But if there’s one thing hotter than soccer right now, it’s technology. This is the Age of Technology and it’s now impacting our lives on an unprecedented level.

That’s what makes DMA’s soccer tech camps so cool and cutting-edge – both soccer and technology are at their all-time peaks of popularity. There’s never been a better time to get into both…at the same time!

DMA instructors show students how to get the most out of programs like Adobe Photoshop.

An Amazing Week of Summer Camp
The days start early, out on the soccer practice fields of Santa Clara University, in scenic and sunny Santa Clara, Calif. Campers receive expert instruction from soccer players from Santa Clara University’s Division 1 soccer program. DMA’s Santa Clara soccer experience is held in conjunction with Santa Clara University Soccer Camps.

During afternoons, it’s time for the tech-camp portion of the day. Girl campers (age 8-12) in DMA’s soccer and graphic design camps master ultra-useful graphic design skills, while boy campers (8-12) learn key concepts of game design.

By the end of the week, campers in both programs will have created a project they can take home with pride, as well as sharpening their game “on the pitch” and polishing their soccer skills.

During afternoon sessions, boy campers discover how to make video games, using industry-standard software like Multimedia Fusion.

Summer’s here, but there’s still time to register for DMA’s summer soccer camps at Santa Clara University. Whether you’re discovering graphic design or you’re on the cool Santa Clara campus to learn game design, DMA’s soccer camp will give you an unforgettable summer camp experience that stretches you creatively as well as athletically.