This week, Digital Media Academy’s summer tech camp programs begin at three incredible locations: the University of Michigan, Santa Clara University, and in Austin, Texas.

Summer’s here at three DMA tech camp locations, like the University of Michigan’s Ann Arbor campus.

The excitement’s been growing for these campers, and soon kids and teens (ages 6-17) will be exploring their creative passions in today’s hottest areas of tech.

The Greatest Summer Camp Experience Ever

At DMA tech camps, kids and teens get to enjoy a pre-collegiate experience, but that’s just the setting for the camp. The real action is in the university classrooms, where campers get to “test-drive” what it’s like to work in the creative fields of their dreams:

    • Santa Clara University
      When kids and teens arrive at DMA’s tech camps at Santa Clara Univ, they will be stunned by a gorgeous campus that Newsweek magazine ranked in 2012 as the second-most beautiful college in the nation. DMA’s Santa Clara program will be of particular interest to kids who play (or who want to learn to play) soccer, while also learning about cool tech subjects. At DMA, you can do both…at the same time!
    • The University of Michigan
      The “Home of the Wolverines” is a powerhouse school, and that energy will be instantly felt by kids and teens coming to DMA’s tech camps at Michigan U. Michigan is known far and wide as a premier research institution, so it only makes sense to study the most cutting-edge tech subjects there, such as robotics building and 3D printing.

“Wolverine Stormtrooper” safeguards the Michigan campus…and even has his own helicopter!

Your Summer of Discovery
Of course, this is only the start of DMA’s summer program. In the next few weeks, DMA’s other campus locations will come to life across the United States and Canada.

Maybe this is your summer to shine. If you’ve been eager to learn programming or some other cool tech skill, why not check DMA’s website and see how spending a week or two at Digital Media Academy can pay off in big dividends – offering new abilities and a start at a lucrative career in an exciting tech field!