School’s back in session and students everywhere are turning from summer activities back to their regular studies.

And that means it’s time to put technology to work for you (or your student). So we’ve gathered the five best apps for making homework easier and more productive.


Developed By: PhotoPay Ltd.
Available Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free

PhotoMath lets you scan a math equation from a book, then read the answer on your screen.
Why It’s Great for Homework: A huge hit for delivering magic on demand, PhotoMath lets you shoot snaps of typed equations, then tells you each step needed to work the equation and reach the solution. Its creators call PhotoMath the “world’s smartest camera calculator.”

Best For: Kids struggling to work math equations.


Developed By: Meta Calculator
Available Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: Free
Meta Graphing Calculator
Do the math: Dozens of functions – and a working in browser version. It’s a great calculator.

Why It’s Great for Homework: Of course, some students need to learn and want to learn how to run complex calculations. Enter the meta-calculator, which can be used online and features four calculators (graphing calculator, matrix calculator, scientific calculator and statistics calculator) in one huge meta-calculator.

Best For: Kids determined to figure out how to compute things for themselves.

Wolfram | Alpha

Developer: Wolfram Research
Platforms: iOS and Android
Price: $2.99
There’s no shortage of subject topics at Wolfram | Alpha, which specializes in math but covers a full range of subjects.

Why It’s Great for Homework: Wolfram | Alpha applies the same basic application as PhotoMath, except on a more advanced scale. Older students working in higher-level math will get easy-to-follow instructions from Wolfram Alpha that step them through the complexities of calculus and other types of math. Wolfram | Alpha also offers modular learning in countless other scientific pursuits.

Best For: Older teens wrestling with mind-bending mathematics and other advanced subjects.


Developer: StudyBlue, Inc.
Platforms: iOS, Android
Price: Free
StudyBlue’s 350 million flash cards can help you do some power-studying when the pressure is on.

Why It’s Great for Homework: StudyBlue is perfect for when the test pressure is on and the order of the day is to memorize a series of facts. With StudyBlue, you can make your own flashcards to help you study, or even use some of the 350 million StudyBlue flashcards that have been created by other students who have faced similar tests.

Best For: Students prepping for exams.


Developer: Instin, LLC
Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows 8, Kindle
Price: Free (myHomework Premium accounts: $4.99 annually)
myHomework gives you lots of options for getting task reminders and other alerts.

Why It’s Great for Homework: Homework gets done better when it’s monitored more consistently. myHomework uses task tracking that lets you color-code assignments by priority and establish reminder alerts to keep you on track. myHomework app is also helpful to teachers who can use it in association with the student.

Best For: Students or educators.

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