For some teens, music is more than just the sonic backdrop of their lives. For them, music is alive and real…and something they desperately want to be a part of. For these inspired young people, Digital Media Academy proudly presents: Music & Beat Production with Logic® Pro X by Apple®.

Music production class teaches DMA students that recording the track is just the beginning…

This is a special class – one with a magic genie that can grant any musical wish.

That genie is Apple’s Logic Pro X, one of the most powerful audio production tools developed so far. In Music & Beat Production with Logic Pro X, you learn how to use this versatile software to help you as you sample sounds and incorporate them into recorded tracks you build, which you then mix with professional polish.

If you’re an aspiring music mixer (age 12 to 17), this is the course for you: DMA’s Music and Beat Production course.

Building Layers of Sound
Modern music production is nearly entirely digital, and heavily utilizes MIDI keyboards during the recording process. DMA’s course reflects these new realities: Students use digital equipment and software to create soundscapes, and then use MIDI technology to write music for virtually any known musical instrument.

This course also understands the central importance of beat production to modern music.

In today’s densely constructed electronic dance music (EDM), rhythm is more than the engine driving the song. That’s why students in this class learn how to work with Logic Pro’s built-in drum machine.

Artists who know how to employ rhythms that are richly nuanced and unique are in huge demand, both as musical producers and recording engineers, as well as “house” DJs who spin their creations for sell-out dance crowds (and hefty paychecks).

Double duty: Student works one set of keys to make music – the other to shape it into dance tracks.

The Rest of the Package
How much can you learn during one week at music production tech camps at DMA? You’d be surprised…

During the space of one week, you’ll watch yourself progress from music fan to music maker, as your technical knowledge about electronic music grows by leaps and bounds.

By week’s end, you’ll have progressed into more sophisticated territory, where you get into heavier areas of music like songwriting and creating musical arrangements. There’s even a little Music Theory mixed in.

Do You Play Well With Others?
Beyond learning the fine points of music production, students in this course also benefit by learning how to interact with others in a creative environment and how to accept constructive feedback in order to help you refine your music and push it to new heights.

DMA offers a number of great music production courses, and next summer will definitely be alive with the sound of music. Music sampled, recorded and mixed by DMA students who are ready to strut their stuff creatively. C’mon…get in the groove!

Help when you need it: Complex technology means it’s always good to have expert instructors nearby.

Music production is just one of the ultra-cool tech subjects being taught at DMA tech camp locations across the U.S. and Canada. Check us out!