Kids love tech, but the tech they love most is when they get to work on the really cool projects that are often reserved only for older kids.

DMA 3D Printing instructor Marcus Duvoisin put the Form 1 through its paces for a Made By Girls group meeting recently.

It’s nice to know that there’s a place like Digital Media Academy, where kids ages 8 to 12 can come and learn about a subject as cutting-edge as 3D printing.

Last summer, we offered our first 3D printing courses for teens ages 12 to 17.

The course was such an overwhelming hit and we heard so many requests for a “younger” version of our 3D Printing & Industrial Design course that our ace curriculum developers set about making a junior model of the popular course.

And now we have it: fun and engaging Adventures in 3D Printing.


3D printers are being used to create amazing things these days and they are becoming more commonly found in U.S. homes, especially as the price point for home models continues to fall.

Anything that can be forged of plastic can be 3D printed. Designs for the intricate, lattice-woven material are only limited by the human imagination. At our Adventures in 3D Printing camp, kids ages 8 to 12 can get into today’s hottest tech subject, no matter what their skill level.

At our 3D printing tech camps, fun games like this 3D printing version of a popular TV quiz show make learning key concepts a snap.


At DMA, you see how simple the three-step process of 3D printing really is:

First, you sketch an idea you’d like to see produced.

Then you model it on the computer, using Autodesk TinkerCAD, a program that puts 3D printing at your fingertips.

Then you’re ready to output your idea to a Form 1 3D printer, so you can see your idea crafted to perfection through 3D printing’s rapid prototyping process.

With TinkerCAD, you can design anything you can envision.


Kids have a great time in Adventures in 3D Printing, and pick up key concepts of Computer Aided Drawing (CAD), 3D modeling and industrial design.

(Please be advised that this course does require a $95 lab fee to offset the costs of using the 3D printer, including materials used in the 3D printing process.)

Check out DMA’s super-cool 3d printing camps for kids and join us next summer!