Have you ever wondered what all can be achieved with 3D technology and printing? If so, the Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco (located at 1 Market Place) is the perfect place to start finding out.

DMA’s Marcus Duvoisin walks a visitor through the easy 3D printing process at Autodesk Gallery.

Open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to the public (for free), the Autodesk Gallery shows what’s possible when someone takes an idea and is able to bring it to fruition using AutoDesk products.

Too Cool: A 3-D Printed Mercedes!

In addition to the fun and engaging exhibits that Autodesk offers – such as the 3D-printed Mercedes-Benz Biome Car or the full-body dimensional scan using Maya – Digital Media Academy came here and partnered with Autodesk on one recent Wednesday in late October.

DMA’s goal? To take this interactive museum to the next level by offering 3D-printing demonstrations and “mini” lessons to its patrons.

Visitors who stopped by DMA’s demo space came away with a new appreciation of the creative aspects of 3D printing, as well as a fresh understanding of the challenges involved in making prototypes and fun trinkets. Visitors also got to try on an Oculus Rift headset and experience some Virtual Reality.

DMA’s group showed off some VR technology as well as 3D printing techniques at Autodesk Gallery.

Absolutely Amazing Autodesk

For our staffers, it was a fun way to interact with museum patrons and get them excited about the classes we offer that utilize Autodesk products (such as 123 CAD for our 3D printing camps and Maya, which is integral to many of our animation and game development camps).

“Now that consumer 3D printing is really picking up traction and becoming more mainstream, there’s a growing need to become educated about it and that’s where we hope to step in,” said DMA’s Assistant Curriculum Developer Marcus Duvoisin, who led the mini demonstrations.

He also pointed out 3D printing has something to offer all age groups. “It’s a medium that allows us all to be inventors – whether you’re a young person or an adult. Our goal is to teach as many kids as possible the skills that we know will unlock their creative potential in a fun and engaging environment.”

Ever seen a 3D-printed Mercedes sports car? You will…at Autodesk Gallery in San Francisco.


Participants came away from the demonstrations with a better understanding of how amazing Autodesk products are – and many visitors wanted to learn even more!

DMA is the perfect place to not only get exposure to these amazing technologies but to do so within a compressed time frame, where the learning process is accelerated to the max.

Who knows? Maybe the next creation on display at the Autodesk Gallery will come from a DMA camper like you!

Nathan Horton is Director of Human Resources at Digital Media Academy.