Here at Digital Media Academy, the only real complaint we hear frequently from our departing students is this: “I wish camp had lasted longer.”

We understand exactly how these students feel. Because that’s precisely how our world-class instructors feel about it, too.

Some of the materials you’ll be working with will be assigned. For some projects, however, you’ll be capturing your own content.

It’s exciting for our great teachers to see DMA students come alive during our program, stimulated by the course material and the students’ own creativity. But it’s tough to see students leave camp when they’re just getting fully engaged with the subject.


To counter this problem, of not having enough time to give the kind of comprehensive focus we’d like to offer our students, we created DMA Academies – immersive, two-week learning experiences that let instructors take students deeper into the material.

For example, our Academy for Graphic Design takes our beginning design courses and blows them out, expanding both the number of topics covered in that course as well as how much time can be devoted to each subject area.

What you end up with is not simply one week of instruction added to another. The two-week Academy experience becomes greater than the sum of its parts.

While modern methods are stressed, this Academy also lets you get your hands in the ink for some actual old-school typesetting!


When you have two full weeks available, you can give students plenty of time to work with different methods.

During Week 1, students get right into the mix of things by learning about image compositing. Our instructors then move on to color theory, which every designer worth their salt must understand. There are even more traditional methods, such as typography, that are explored, to give students a well rounded view of graphic design.

Week 2 is more about understanding the professional experience of graphic designers, and spending plenty of time sharpening the images you’ll be collecting for your graphic design portfolio, a digital collection of images you can print out or include on college applications. Our instructors are available to serve as your mentor and sounding board for questions about the profession.

By the time you leave this Academy, you’ll understand how the art and business of graphic design influence each other in a creative way.

Our ace instructors know how to help you get the most out of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.


If you’re really eager to make this coming summer vacation count in a lasting and meaningful way, maybe you’re ready to challenge yourself with DMA’s Academy for Graphic Design.

One of the greatest things about graphic design camps like DMA’s Academy is its flexibility. Students can tailor their experience to their needs and budget, choosing whether or not to stay overnight in student dorms (and over the weekend between the two weeks).

When you leave the Academy, you’ll have all the images you need to assemble an impressive graphic design portfolio.

Furthermore, the curriculum is adjustable per student, and welcomes all skill levels. So if you start the class and aren’t feeling challenged enough, your instructor will work with you to ensure that you get the ideal learning experience you seek.

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