It’s amazing what you can accomplish in two short weeks, when your time is structured for peak effectiveness.

Java unlocks a world of programming opportunities – especially when you have two weeks to study it.

That’s what happens in Digital Media Academy’s immersive journey into Java, one of the world’s most powerful and popular programming languages.


It’s called the Academy for Java Programming (Made by Girls), and as the name implies, this learning experience is only for the ladies.

It’s really two great things happening simultaneously.

Teen girls (ages 12-17) explore Java programming, learning its nuances fully because the two-week schedule allows instructors to stretch out and take our students further inside the subject.

But it’s also about Made By Girls, DMA’s initiative to help get girls into tech. At this academy, teen girls who are really into tech get a chance to meet and bond with other young women like themselves, who share the same interests and similar career goals.

And this academy provides a chance to learn from older females who are instructing and running the class, and can offer their own reflections on working within STEM industries.

Made By Girls classes often include guest speakers, who discuss STEM opportunities open to women.


Here’s how this immersive two-week experience is structured:

The first week serves as your introduction to Java, a versatile programming language used around the world and under the hood of popular apps, games and so much more.

During the second week, you progress from mastering Java to exploring the entirety of computer science, and discovering how app development is conducted.

Topics covered along the way include algorithms, creative problem solving, object-oriented programming, recursion and advanced data structures, and how to program cool extras like graphics, audio and animation.

You’ll even discover how to take the code that you write and deploy it to a variety of platforms.

And at the end of the academy experience, you’ll have a web-coding portfolio on Github, showing off the games, apps or interactive art you’ve made. And you could also have a network of close-knit female friends who can provide mutual support as you each make your way into tech professions.

At DMA, girls learn how to create apps like they love to use on their smartphones.


Check out our two week Java courses for girls and discover how they can take your own natural aptitude and raise your skill set to the next level.

You’ll have a great time, and leave with more friends, skills and confidence than you ever dreamed possible. If you’re a girl into tech, Made By Girls was made just for you.