Welcome back to DMA Success Stories Week, showcasing some of the standout student profiles we presented this fall! Here’s a second look at a programmer who really caught the coding bug at DMA!

DMA Success Story Payton Campbell really got energized by this summer’s programming camps at Stanford. Now she’s so into programming that she’s currently in one high school club that teaches Java to elementary students. And Payton plans to start her own coding club, too!

Payton spent the coolest part of her August learning how to program at DMA’s Stanford tech camps.

Payton’s from Newport Beach, Calif., and really enjoyed taking DMA instructor Caitlyn Powell’s beginning Java programming courses: Intro to Programming with Java.

What was even cooler was that Payton took one of Digital Media Academy’s Made by Girls programs, so she got to discover the wonders of coding alongside other girls who are really into tech!


What did you actually make in your programming course?
I programmed a game for my final project. I created a Pong game. The game kept score and
if you reached 10, the screen turned green and there would be applause. If you let the
“ball” go off the screen, the screen turned red and a sad trumpet sound played to show that you

How did it make you feel to create something like that?
I was very proud and excited to showcase it to my parents at the end of the week.

What were the most fun things about attending DMA tech camp?
I was excited to work with the other girls, and the female guest speakers were awesome and
very inspirational.

I made six friends and we have stayed in touch through social media.
– DMA Programming Student Payton Campbell

Do you think you’ll use what you learned at DMA now that you’re back at your regular school?
Yes, I will. I plan on downloading the software to continue coding on my own. I would also
like to use this experience to start a club at my school.

Would you like to come back to a DMA tech camp next summer?

Did you meet any other students that you bonded with?
Yes, I did. I made six friends and we have stayed in touch through social media.

Would you recommend DMA tech camps to your best friends and their parents?
Yes, and I already have.

Were your folks happy about your session at DMA?
Yes. They were very impressed by how much I learned.


This coming summer, take a tip from Payton and check out a Digital Media Academy tech camp. If programming’s not your thing, don’t worry. We’re also here for you if you want to learn robotics, music production, app development, virtual reality and even wearable tech!

If it’s tech, you’ll discover it at DMA.

Thanks to Rachelle Harding for coordinating this DMA Success Story!