Welcome back to DMA Success Stories Week, where we spotlight some of the standout student profiles we presented this fall! We wanted to re-introduce you to our next Success Story subject because he’s a multifaceted learning machine…and he can’t get enough of DMA!

We love it when our students decide to take more than one camp or course. But Baker Sharp is a special case; he attended three different DMA tech camps this past summer!

Student extraordinaire Baker Sharp just can’t get enough DMA…

The 15-year-old from Orinda, Calif. spent three weeks at two of DMA’s Northern California camps:

And here’s something: This wasn’t his first summer at DMA. He attended last year.

Something else: He’s planning to return to DMA next summer!

We had to ask Baker about his amazing tech summer at DMA:


What did you actually create at DMA tech camp?
In the robotics class, I built an Arduino robot with a moving arm and two motors for movement.

And how about in the introduction to Java course?
I made a simple doodling application and a game where you fire ricocheting cannonballs at various targets. (The doodling application and the cannon game were both made with Processing).

Very cool. What did you make in the 3D printing class?
Several 3D models, including a play structure and a flash drive case, and printed them at my 3D printing class in Berkeley.

How did it make you feel when you completed your final project?
The robot didn’t quite work the way I wanted it to, but that’s my fault. I spent too much time on construction instead of testing. It was still fun though, and I liked watching everyone’s robots battle it out, too.

What about the video game you created?
That was a little more rewarding, and I’ve also even spent another eight hours or so at home designing more levels and obstacles.

And how did you feel when you completed your project in the 3D printing class?
That was especially awesome because we were designing play structures to be used on playgrounds in third-world countries. We could only use specific materials, and it felt like a real-world solution to a real problem.

I ended up skipping the normal prerequisite class because of what I learned at DMA.
– DMA Java, Robotics & 3D Printing Mega-Student Baker Sharp

What were the most fun things about attending DMA tech camp?
The instructors (especially the TAs) were fantastic, and the other students were fun and friendly.

The curriculum in Java, 3D printing and robotics were awesome (I barely made the higher age group for Java). I really enjoyed the friendly but focused environment that all the instructors created.

Did you make friends at DMA camp this summer?
I made two great friends, one of whom I’m still in touch with. His name was Nguyen, and we bonded because we both play Ultimate Frisbee. We ended up organizing a game and it was a blast.

Are you using what you learned at DMA now that you’re back at your regular school?
The Intro to Java class prepared me (and then some) for AP Computer Science at my school. I ended up skipping the normal prerequisite class (Intro to Computer Science) because of what I learned at DMA.

Also, learning about ideation, prototyping, testing and redesigning in the robotics class is valuable to everything I do now.

Would you like to come back to a DMA tech camp next summer?
With almost 100-percent certainty, yes I will do it again.

Would you suggest DMA tech camps to your best friends and their parents?
I have done this and will continue to do so.

And were your parents pleased with your DMA experience?
Yes, my parents were very pleased with my experience that’s why it’s my second year in a row attending (and I’ll be back this coming summer)!

Robotics was only one of the subjects Baker tackled last summer. How will you spend next summer?


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Special thanks to DMA’s Rachelle Harding for coordinating this interview!