She’s a real talent, as comfortable performing on stage as operating a movie camera.

This is Rose, who spent two weeks at Digital Media Academy’s Concordia tech camps in Bronxville, N.Y. Rose is still excited about her two weeks of concentrated filmmaking last summer.

Multitalented Rose recently appeared in a community musical.

I am returning to DMA this coming summer. Already paid for it using the discount!!!
– Filmmaker and DMA Student Rose

Rose enjoyed two of our filmmaking camps, both at Concordia. This summer, you can get that same experience by checking out DMA’s two week film academies, which give you two sensational weeks of intense filmmaking.

Here’s what our latest Success Story thinks about DMA:

THE DMA Interview: ROSE

What did you actually create at DMA tech camp?
I created two short films with my friends at DMA.

How exactly did it make you feel when you completed your final project?
I felt very proud because I watched my films on a big screen. I had never been able to do that before.

What were the most fun things about attending DMA tech camp?
The most fun things were: We got fun breaks, the instructors were really nice and the best was being able to create something on your own.

Did you make friends at DMA camp this summer?
I made friends with people in my group and also made friends with other campers in other groups during our lunch breaks.

Do you think you’ll use what you learned at DMA when you’re back at your regular school?
I have used what I learned at DMA, because it taught me how to write scripts…which I do at school for creative projects.

Are you interested in coming back and taking another course this summer?
I am returning to DMA this coming summer. Already paid for it using the discount!!!

Would you suggest DMA tech camps to your best friends and their parents?
I do recommend DMA camp to my friends who like to make movies, too.

Were your parents pleased with your DMA experience?
My parents really enjoyed seeing the end product and knowing I was doing something I want to pursue as a hobby and maybe a career.

On an end-of-camp survey, Rose awarded DMA the highest score possible for camp experience.


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Special thanks to DMA’s Rachelle Harding for coordinating this interview!