No matter where your family lives in the U.S., chances are good that you’re not far away from one of Digital Media Academy’s campus locations – especially since DMA has added four hot new tech camp locations in different regions of the country.

Reserve space at DMA’s new tech camp locations – while you still can.

So let’s say you’re a parent or grandparent in the mid-Atlantic region – maybe living in Virginia, the Carolinas or Tennessee – and your child or grandchild is really into all things tech. Now you know there’s a fantastic learning experience waiting for them this summer at DMA’s new location at prestigious Duke University.

Or let’s say you’re a family that’s planning to vacation on the West Coast this summer. DMA now has a great new location open at Occidental College in L.A. One or more kids can attend camp while the rest of the crew explores southern California’s legendary tourist destinations.

Pick a region. You’ll find we’re there or close by:


Location: Durham, North Carolina
Surrounding Areas: Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee
Programs: tech camps at duke


Location: Houston, Texas
Surrounding Areas: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
Programs: tech camps at univ of houston


Location: Denver, Colorado
Surrounding Areas: Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico, Oklahoma
Programs: tech camps at DU

National Reach, Personal Touch
No matter where our tech camps are operating, whether here in the U.S. or at some of Canada’s finest universities, you can count on DMA’s intensive, hands-on approach to teach creative tech subjects.

For 15 years, DMA has been setting the standard in summer tech camps, and this year is shaping up to be our biggest and best season yet. We want you to come join our summer of fun and discovery.

Check out all of our outstanding DMA tech camp locations.

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