They’re still celebrating in Denver, in the afterglow of the city’s NFL team winning Super Bowl 50.

Quarterback Peyton Manning and the Broncos defense gave Denver its third Super Bowl victory.

They’ve got a lot to celebrate here besides the Denver Broncos. One Gallup poll asked Americans where they’d live if they could. The city getting the most votes? Denver, Colorado.

In addition to the incredible Rocky Mountain scenery, the city is host to the University of Denver (known as DU).


“Technology links academic disciplines with professional fields and joins shared communities with our personal lives in many new and exciting ways,” reads DU’s page about its Emergent Digital Practices (EDP) program, which is now part of the university’s School of Arts, Humanities & Social Sciences.

“EDP appeals to students who are more broadly defined creative types and critical thinkers because the lines between artists, designers, scholars, and inventors have largely dissolved,” reads the site.

The EDP program is offered in a variety of formats, and you can get everything from a minor to a Master’s degree. The BA program, for example, could prepare you to become a software designer, a multi-touch display architect or a sound designer.

Meanwhile, a BFA degree in EDP combines tech with fine arts subjects. Students in this program might become 3D model makers, or installation artists.

DU’s Emergent Digital Practices gets into cutting-edge subjects, like wearable tech. (So does DMA!)


Since 2011, the University of Denver has had a great new program in digital arts for its undergrad and graduate students.

But wouldn’t it be great if kids and teens not enrolled at DU could also study digital arts there?

Well, thanks to DMA, you can attend DU this summer and study things like game design, which is also part of DU’s EDP curriculum.

And that’s just one course being taught at Digital Media Academy’s tech camps at University of Denver this August.

Maybe you want to learn animation? DMA offers an amazing tech camp in that and many other of today’s hottest tech subjects.

Want to get way out on the cutting edge?

Try DMA’s VR tech camps…where you revolutionize video games through the magic of virtual reality.

A gorgeous DU campus is only one reason to attend DMA tech camps there this summer.


Denver is a fantastic city and the University of Denver is a great school with a beautiful, arboretum-style campus. And for three incredible weeks this August, DMA’s DU tech camps will be packed with eager young people ready to discover the future – and maybe their own futures, too.

This year, DMA is already seeing record numbers of registrations. Summer is still months away, but to be on the safe side, go ahead and get your kid or teen registered now for the greatest learning experience of their life.

Get your kid or teen on the winning team: technology. At DMA, we can show you how.

And take advantage of DMA Winter Savings…still in effect! (But hurry!)