It’s almost exactly 3,000 miles from Greensboro, N.C. to Vancouver, B.C.

Emi gave DMA the highest rating for “overall camp experience,” as part of an end-of-camp survey.

That’s a pretty good hike – cross country and then northward into another country.

But for DMA Success Story Emi Jenkens-Drake, that was a direct route to a fantastic summer and international learning experience at DMA tech camps at UBC in Canada.

Emi’s a 17-year-old techie from North Carolina and spent the first half of last July in one of our two week game design academies.

She learned a bunch about designing games and had a great time doing it.


What did you actually create at DMA tech camp?
In the first week, a simple Mario platform game, using the Unreal Engine. In the second week, I created a character model based off a character from the video game League of Legends.

How exactly did it make you feel when you completed your final project?
It made me feel great. I hadn’t done anything like it before and I saw it as expanding my skills.

Were your parents pleased with your DMA experience?
I think so. They were most interested in how much I liked it, and I loved it.

What were the most fun things about attending DMA tech camp?
I really enjoyed my instructor (Scott Xiong) and meeting other people my age that are interested in the same thing.

Did you make friends at DMA camp this summer?
If you can count teachers and counselors then yes, I made two friends.

Do you think you’ll use what you learned at DMA now that you’re back at your regular school?
Yes, I will use it because I really enjoy working in Maya now and I had been wanting to learn prior to attending the camp.

Would you like to come back to a DMA tech camp next summer?
Yes, I would love to! But it is the summer before college so I don’t think I can 🙁

Would you suggest DMA tech camps to your best friends and their parents?
I definitely would! I loved the experience, people and environment.

Emi’s folks were pleased: “They were most interested in how much I liked it, and I loved it.”


Summer will be here before you know it. This year, why not join us at one of the terrific DMA tech camp locations across the U.S. and Canada?

And for North Carolinians like Emi, this year marks the first time we’ll offer Duke tech camps. Come get your tech on in fun and funky Durham at this famed “Southern Ivy League” school.

Duke is just one of several new DMA locations for 2016 that have been added to complement the celebrated tech-camp program that’s now 15 years strong, with thousands of alumni who have been enriched by their DMA experience.

And speaking of distinguished DMA alumni, our congrats to Emi as she prepares to finish high school and enter college!

This summer, make it DMA!

Special thanks to DMA’s Rachelle Harding for coordinating this interview!