Digital Media Academy’s Adventures in Animation course gives young students a unique opportunity to create something all kids love – cartoons!

DMA students are encouraged to turn their favorite tech into window-based pixel art…and Toon Boom made the cut!

We couldn’t do it without our partners at Toon Boom Animation Inc. We’re now in our eighth year of instruction using Toon Boom animation software. This year’s students have the opportunity to use the newest animation program on the market: Harmony 12.

Creating In Perfect Harmony

“Harmony 12 is the most creative and efficient 2D animation software engineered. It is the industry standard used by major studios worldwide,” says Toon Boom Animation Inc. Marketing and Communications Manager Desi Mastriaco. As marketing manager, Desi knows the ins and outs of how Harmony can be applied in the real world, and has helped us make the decision to utilize this software in our courses.

Harmony is the leader among digital 2D animation tools. It’s the software behind artistic animated series like Bob’s Burgers, Jake & The Neverland Pirates, and even Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time!

Toon Boom software is used in many of today’s coolest cartoons, inspiring students who use it to add intricate details to their characters!

Foundations and Fun, Drawn Together

DMA’s Adventures in Animation introduces kids to the entire animation process. First, kids learn hand-drawn animation before testing their storytelling skills in stop-motion format with clay.

“Understanding the classical way of animating is such an important foundation for creating great animation in other mediums like stop-motion or even 3D. Students have to nail down concepts like form and movement through drawing before getting deep into making a full animated production. Luckily we have tools like Toon Boom Harmony that can really help develop those foundational skills,” says DMA’s lead instructor and curriculum developer for the Adventures in Animation course, Sean Washington.

Adventures in Animation instructor Sean Washington helps students unleash their creative potential with ice breakers and inspiration by taking a break from tech outside the classroom.

Animated Instruction

As well as being an animator and game designer, Washington is also a kid at heart, acting as the facilitator between his students and the animation process. Once they’ve practiced their traditional animation skills, Washington teaches them how to apply their work through Toon Boom Harmony. In this way, students get a comprehensive look at the entire animation process within one week.

Software like Harmony is an amazing outlet for young, creative students like those in Washington’s DMA class. It literally sets students’ thoughts in motion, enhances creative capabilities and allows students to see their ideas outside of the confines of their own minds, to help them achieve true multi-modal creativity.

Students create their own animations by utilizing Toon Boom Harmony software while in DMA’s Adventure in Animation course!

A Boom-ing Partnership

Through the years we’ve had more than a thousand students use and learn Toon Boom software like Harmony in our Adventures courses, and this summer we expect several hundred more students to hone their animation skills using this amazing tool.

“DMA provides its students with the best tools available today. It equips and prepares students for the workforce. DMA’s goals have been inline with Toon Boom’s mission for over 20 years,” Desi adds. “We’re glad to partner with a company that helps young students tell their stories in a way that makes sense to them.”

We couldn’t agree more.