Summer’s on the way and for parents in Northern California, it just got a little sweeter.

Thanks to DMA’s new day camp program at Saratoga High School, families now have wonderful options available for how to entertain, educate and inspire kids from ages 6 through 12.

Saratoga High School is a world-class facility…and a great site for DMA day camps for kids!

We’re so excited to be bringing our celebrated tech-camp program to Saratoga High School this summer, and can’t wait to meet the Junior Adventures (ages 6-8) and Adventures (8-12) campers who will be discovering cool and useful STEM subjects…everything from art and digital photography and filmmaking to programming and engineering.

DMA’s summer of discovery at Saratoga High happens for three weeks this July (July 11-15, July 18-22 and July 25-29), and if you’re an interested parent, you should go ahead now (this weekend?) and register your child for camp. Demand will probably be running high. We were invited to bring our program to Saratoga High because area parents want the best and latest in tech instruction for their kids (as well as the best value in summer camps).


Saratoga High School is conveniently located in Santa Clara County, to the west of San Jose, in the heart of Silicon Valley. Cupertino (corporate home of Apple) is nearby, as is Los Gatos (corporate home of DMA!). This is tech country and you’re going to love July at Saratoga High School!

Parents will love all the options our day camp program offers them. Would you and your child prefer a half-day or full-day camp? Morning or afternoon? Lunch or no lunch? And the variety doesn’t stop there. This summer we’re offering eight Jr. Adventures camps and ten Adventures camps. There’s a camp here for every kid and young child.

DMA is all about giving families added flexibility. Our camps are set around your family’s schedule. And with a morning camp, Mom can drop her child off at Saratoga High and then venture into Saratoga for some quality shopping at local boutiques in the downtown area known as the Village. Then pick up her child as camp concludes for the day. DMA camps offer something for everybody…including Mom. Everybody wins!

This summer, let DMA help ignite your child’s natural curiosity about the world of tech.


When your child comes to camp at DMA, they don’t just benefit from the great tech learning. Because DMA never forgets that kids need to be kids, your child will have regularly scheduled recreation breaks – the perfect time for them to meet new friends and develop those important socialization skills.

DMA kids leave camp not only smarter, but with greater confidence and a huge backlog of fun memories to look back on from the experience. Plus, a DMA summer can provide an important first step into pursuing the tech dreams of a lifetime. At DMA, kids start building a solid foundation in technology. These days, that’s priceless.

So, if you really want to help plan for your 6-year-old’s future, this summer send her to high school.

…and if you have older kids, please check out our other DMA NorCal tech camp locations, such as Stanford and St. Mary’s of California.

It’s going to be a super summer at Digital Media Academy!