She took DMA’s beginning film camp at Northwestern and really got the film bug.

Becky Lindquist took our Intro to Digital Filmmaking course and found it suited her filmmaking interests perfectly.

Becky Lindquist gave DMA the highest score possible for “overall camp experience.”

Becky attended our tech camps at Northwestern University’s Evanston, Ill. campus.

Becky’s 16 and comes from Deerfield, Ill.


Becky, what did you actually make at DMA tech camp?
I created a short film with seven other people.

So how did you feel when you completed your last project at DMA?
I felt accomplished and proud. Throughout the week we had spent countless hours on it, so it felt good to finish it.

What were the most fun things about attending DMA tech camp?
Some of the most fun things about this DMA camp were the filming and the editing of our short scene. I enjoyed learning how to work a professional camera. The instructors made sure everybody got a turn to film different scenes and also taught us about lighting and sound tricks.

I felt accomplished and proud.
– DMA Filmmaker Becky Lindquist

After filming, they taught us some editing tricks on the video editing software and then let us edit the film on our own. Each one of us got to make our own individual film and choose our own music, and I think that was great because we each got to share our films in the end, and each one was slightly different.

What did you think about the campers you met?
The campers who were there were nice and we all had fun working together.

Do you think you’ll use what you learned at DMA back at your regular school?
I know I will use the tools I’ve learned from the DMA camp at school. Sometimes for school projects we will need to create videos, and I know that the video tips and tricks I’ve learned from the camp will help me succeed in making better videos.

Becky, would you suggest DMA camp to your best friends and their parents?
I would definitely recommend this camp to my friends. One of them enjoys video editing and I think this will help her get some more experience, because she wants to get a degree in filmmaking.

So were your parents pleased with your DMA experience?
My mom loved the short film I created. It was shown at the very last day of the camp and parents were invited to come and watch all of the short films. It’s on YouTube now, and she has shown it to all of her friends.

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Special thanks to Rachelle Harding for coordinating this interview!