The SXSW festival rolls on until March 20th, thrilling fans of music, movies and interactive culture.

It was great meeting teams from other companies, like the Shapeways crew, shown with DMA Asst. Curriculum Developer and Instructor Marcus Duvoisin, who remained in constant motion at the show.

But the team from Digital Media Academy has returned home from SXSWedu Playground and those staff members are now back at work and savoring the incredible experience we shared at the Austin Convention Center. The SXSWedu Playground rocks, and we loved being able to demo cutting-edge tech to the festival’s many attendees.

Partners in Learning

DMA was one of the companies invited to participate in the SXSWedu Playground, the festival’s educational component. One of the many cool things about being at the SXSWedu Playground was getting to work alongside fantastic companies whose tech mission we share.

At the 2016 event, we enjoyed getting to meet with:

    • Ultimaker We’re excited to be announcing that this summer we’ll be partnering with Ultimaker for our 3D printing courses!


    • Shapeways A highly regarded company in the 3D printing industry, Shapeways helped present with DMA at SXSWedu Playground!
      (Extra Connection: One of Shapeways’ company directors taught a teen 3D printing course last summer at DMA!)


    • LEGO Education LEGO Education has a 35-year record of supporting and enhancing education, through playful learning experiences built around its beloved toy line. More than 20,000 U.S. schools teach using some type of LEGO Education Solution.


    • GameSalad Specializing in making authoring tools “for the rest of us,” GameSalad

uses a drag-and-drop interface that’s a hit with graphic designers, animators and game developers.

    • 3D Hubs With a goal of providing more than 1 billion people with 3D-printer access within 10 miles of their home, 3D Hubs is getting the job done. The online printing service operates more than 20,000 locations in 150 countries.


    • GoPro This is the company that put the “extreme” in action videography. GoPro is the market leader among companies specializing in action-filmmaking cameras.


  • Kidnected World Then there’s Kidnected World, a way-cool global funding initiative to help connect children electronically and let them come together to help fund positive causes.

We enjoyed getting to know you all better, and hope our paths cross again!

The impressive Ultimaker 2 put on a show for SXSWedu Playground audiences. Look for Ultimaker printers in DMA’s 3D printing courses this summer!

Highlight of the Events at SXSWedu

SXSWedu Playground is known for hosting amazing speakers and fascinating presentations. This year’s show didn’t disappoint.

Attendees were treated to all kinds of amazing speaking opportunities, from news legend Dan Rather to Pixar producer Darla Anderson to Google Chief Education Evangelist Jaime Casap.

The show content included displays, talks and hands-on presentations – like the kind DMA’s team made to the gathered crowds.

Famed CBS news anchor Dan Rather, a TV reporter of major 60s/70s events, spoke to SXSW crowds.

Highlights of the Interactive Portion

SXSW is much more hands-on than your typical music/arts/education festival. The accent is on doing (just like at DMA summer tech camps).

Show attendees visiting the DMA booth got to design cool creations and then see them come to life through the magic of 3D printing.

But that was just one of the technologies demonstrated by DMA. We even featured some old-school (but very cool) screen-printing techniques for making custom-created shirts.

New tech (3D printers) meets old tech (screen-printing T-shirts) at DMA’s SXSWedu Playground booth.


Later this week, we’ll present a special report from Marcus Duvoisin, DMA Asst. Director of Curriculum Development & DMA instructor, who’ll give you his impressions of the show and what he learned from our many visitors as he presented tech to the Austin crowds.

This summer you can recapture that incredibly creative SXSW vibe by attending one of Digital Media Academy’s tech camp locations across the U.S. and Canada.

And yes, that includes the Lone Star state, too…with three fantastic Texas tech camp locations.

Like a beautiful piece of art carefully created by a 3D printer, our 2016 season is steadily shaping up to be our biggest ever.

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And if you’re not ready, what are you waiting for?

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A hearty thanks to our Texas hosts from Marcus and our crew, including Instructors Evan Ryker and Hillary Bielstein and Regional Director Paul Lopez (right). See you next year!