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2017 Made By Girls Scholarship Recipients

The time is finally here – DMA’s 2017 Made By Girls Scholarship recipients have been chosen! After receiving over 80 entries from across the U.S. and Canada, we’ve narrowed it down to just five Made By Girls Scholars. Applicants for the Made By Girls Scholarship were asked to answer the prompt, “I want to join Made By Girls because…” by submitting an essay or short video. The Made By Girls Scholarship allows each student to enroll in any Made By Girls course at any of our locations, tuition-free.

“We are honored to have so many incredible girls share their stories, dreams, and hopes with us. Each and every one of these girls should be very proud,” says Made By Girls Director Peggy Lee. “The 2017 Made By Girls Scholars are bringing their passion and creativity to building a better world. They are actively pursuing STEM to express their unique personalities, solve problems they see in their communities, and build opportunities for other young people. We can’t wait to have these young leaders join us at Cambridge, Chicago, Seattle, Irvine, and Stanford this summer.”

Without further ado, we are proud to introduce our 2017 MBG Scholars:

Anvi B.
Scientist, Engineer, Coder, Eager Learner

Anvi B | 2017 MBG ScholarAnvi B. is excited to attend our UC Irvine camps, “I am really excited to take classes at UCI. My mother went to college there too.” Anvi wants to take our Made By Girls: Adventures in Programming course in order to learn more about coding. “I [am] tired of being in classes such as robotics and coding and usually being the only girl in them.” She has a passion for robotics, coding, and space. She grew up with a brother who “used to get gifts at his birthday parties like Lego sets, Star Wars toys, and design kits. The funny thing was that he wasn’t interested in any of those things.” Eventually, Anvi became interested in these toys. She “made characters move when [she] coded, [and] made Lego pieces look like scenes from Star Wars.”

Anvi is grateful for the learning experiences that she has had so far. She reads and learns about science, teaching herself about all the topics she’s interested in. “The kinds of things that are taught in Digital Media Academy’s courses are things that I can’t teach myself, can’t just read about, and are not taught at my school, even in after-school classes.” She wants to meet more girls who “are interested not only in learning about Science, but who want to help other girls and women so that there is more equality in the world.”

Ava J.
Inspirational Fashion Designer

Ava J | 2017 MBG ScholarAva J. wants to attend our Made By Girls: Adventures in Wearable Tech + Fashion Design camp this summer. She says it’s “two of the four things I’m interested in: fashion, technology, business, and sports.” Ava has a passion for technology and an eye for fashion that she is hoping to learn more about. She wants to someday combine these passions but hasn’t quite figured out how to make it happen. She also wants to attend our camp is because “I am African American and there are not that many people shown who look like me.” Ava wants to make a difference in her community and succeed so that other people of color can see her success and be inspired to follow. “If there are ever going to be people of color mentioned in amazing discoveries… they have to start somewhere… like girls with me in camps like Made By Girls.” We agree!

Ava is also interested in coding. “I never thought I would enjoy something like that, but I made a bunch of friends and learned the basics of coding.” Ava draws on her creativity to solve problems and explore her interests. Her choice of Wearable Tech + Fashion Design is a great choice and we can’t wait to see what she creates this summer!

Cameran M.
Future Educational Game Designer

Cameran | 2017 MBG ScholarCameran M. is looking forward to learning all that she can in our Made By Girls: Adventures in Game Design course. Actually, she’s not just looking forward to it, this course will be fuel for the fire of ambition that Cameran has for STEM subjects. “I love how these classes are so intertwined that on so many occasions, they work hand in hand.” Cameran wants to figure out how things work, from fossil records to computer processors. She’s excited about DMA because instead of learning from books, she’ll get hands-on experience which she feels is essential “because I learn by ‘doing’.” In her school, she’s had the chance to learn a little Python and Javascript, but she’s interested in what school can’t teach her. She’s chosen our Game Design course because her dream “is to one day create my own website and app that could help children with their academics while entertaining them at the same time.” Cameran gets that fun is part of the equation for really learning valuable skills.

Cameran is excited for the Made By Girls course because she wants to learn in a community of girls that have equal passion and interest. She won’t be deterred by people who say such and such is just for boys. She thinks of Rosie the Riveter and the inspirational motto for women that reminds girls like her that they CAN do it!

Geovannie J.
Future Java Programmer, Game Designer

Geovannie | 2017 MBG ScholarGeovannie J. wants to be a Made By Girls scholar because she’s had a dream for a while now; she wants to be a game designer. Not just that either. She wants “to create [her own] stories and games.” She believes that doing something she loves will make an impact on the world and also make her parents proud. Since her pre-teens, Geovannie has “only been interested in writing, drawing, and playing video games.” When she figured out that being a game designer would bring all these passions together, “it was an ideal moment.” Her attendance in our Intro to Java Programming course will “upgrade” her dream to the next level. All that’s missing for her is coding. She took a class last year and learned that “coding can be fun if you know what you’re doing” and that “coding is like putting an art model together.” That’s a great way to look at it and we hope that you can begin to build your masterpiece this summer!

Geovannie is thankful for programs that empower girls, especially in tech. She mentions her own struggles with finding a tutor around her home to learn coding from. “There aren’t very many opportunities to work with and learn from tech professionals. Even if you find someone, it would most likely be a man.” She is motivated to be someone who can learn those skills and bring them back home so the next girl can have someone to learn from. Geovannie doesn’t want to just learn the skills she needs to become a Game Designer, but she also wants “to be able to inspire other to try and get into programming and tech,” and bring her skills back to the Marshall Islands where there are very few women in STEM.

Reva J.
Powerful Coder

Reva | 2017 MBG ScholarReva J. wants to be a Made By Girls Scholar in order to broaden her horizons, help the impoverished in India, and break out of the mold that society has created for her. With her new coding superpowers, she wants to create a website to help the nearly 65,000 kids who go missing in India every year. Even at just 13 years old, she’s already grown weary of hearing people say things like “you’re a girl so you can’t do that,” and “girls don’t do that.”

“I am so excited to join Made by Girls this summer at Stanford. Becoming a Made by Girls 2017 scholar means more than my words can express. It will really help me broaden my horizons. I cannot wait to learn many new skills and build something powerful!”

You can watch Reva’s entire entry video, here.

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