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Digital Media Academy is delighted to announce our Curriculum Designer & Lead Instructor & Industry Ambassador for 2D Animation.

Tom Zuber

Curriculum Designer & Lead Instructor for 2D Animation
What has Tom not achieved in 2D and 3D animation across the games, film and TV industries? For over 20 years, he has got his hands dirty working as an Animator, Concept Artist, Art Director, Outsource Manager, Animation Supervisor, Educator and Curriculum Designer. Tom brings his students unrivaled insight into the creative and production process from initial art scope through budgeting, scheduling, hiring, artist development and marketing.
Since graduating with a Fine Arts Diploma from Emily Carr, Tom has remained a dependable friend of the education world, lecturing at various colleges, including Vancouver’s acclaimed Capilano University. Tom has also explored, worked and taught across the US, New Zealand and Australia.
Fact: Maya, XSI, Max, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects, MotionBuilder, Unity, Unreal Engine – name some software and Tom will be an expert in it!

Michael Falk

Instructor for 2D Animation

Michael is an Eisner nominated illustrator and art director, published cartoonist and award-winning animated film director – what more could we want from an instructor-professional?  His creative career spans Rock or Something Animation, Drawn from Valor, Amazon Machine Learning, MAD Magazine and DC Comics. Michael has a proven track record teaching 2D and 3D Animation, including with Digital Media Academy and The Art Institute of Jacksonville, and painting to adults in various community settings.


Fact: As well as being a professional animator, Michael is a retired Navy Chief Petty Officer. His accolades include the Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal and a Navy Achievement Medal, Gold Star in lieu of the Fourth – now that’s what I call leadership.

Industry Ambassador for 2D Animation

Luke M. MacBain

Project Director, 30/30 Stories

Luke MacBain has been at 30/30 Stories for 5 years, overseeing creative direction on international brands such as Future Innovators Labs, Alleles Design Studio, Tim Hortons and Sea Gods Paddle Boarding. To Luke, animation, filmmaking and innovation are magic. His influences stem from his upbringing of classical cartoons, post-modern design, Japanese neo-futurism and film noir. Today, 30/30 Stories continues to develop cutting-edge solutions in an ever-changing landscape.


“Working alongside real-world industry leaders, artists and filmmakers, students level up to industry standard, gain a fully realized portfolio and work with the best companies in the field. Students grow their skills on real-world projects, including shows, commercials and character design, while mastering the art of storytelling. For this reason, I would recommend Tech Accelerator 2D Animation to anyone interested in animation or illustration as a career.”

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Our unique 8-level program is completely modular and blends synchronous (live)
with asynchronous (independent) learning to reflect the world of work. Each Level
lasts 10 weeks, 2 sessions per week. Sessions last 1.5 hours (90 mins).
Select a Level to see days, times and term dates.

Digital Drawing & Design with Adobe Photoshop

Take your drawing skills from paper to digital, understanding the principles of composition, storyboarding and design using industry-standard Adobe Photoshop.

Classical Animation with Adobe Animate & Premiere Pro

Incorporate classical animation principles to master walk cycles, run cycles, extreme takes, and acting in the industry-leading software, Adobe Animate.

Rigged Animation with Toon Boom Harmony

Develop your character design skills as you take on your first Client Brief in Adobe Animate and present it in your Premiere Pro-made demo reel.

Animated Music Video with Toon Boom Harmony & Adobe Premiere Pro

Add yet another industry-standard software to your toolbox as you master rigging and Team (Series) animation principles in Toon Boom Harmony.

Live Action & FX in Games with Toon Boom Harmony & Adobe XD

Take your animation up a gear as you incorporate new concepts like live-action and FX, exploring the whole new software world of Adobe XD.

Post-production with Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects

Delve into the worlds of pre- and post-production by developing concept art, design characters, storyboarding and recording audio, all using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Animated Film Production with Toon Boom Harmony & Adobe Creative Cloud

In tandem with your instructor and mentor, take on your final film project, developing your entire breadth of skills plus new skills in video and sound.

Professional Animation Portfolio with Toon Boom Harmony & Adobe Creative Cloud

Looking ahead to the rest of your life, take part in portfolio, project and interview workshops, receiving support every step of the way as you apply for art schools and animation jobs.

Example student portfolio

Enjoy what Digital Media Students past and present have created.

“I love that there are so many aspects of the art form, from base skills to pre- and post-production, explored on this Tech Accelerator. Many people aren’t aware of how vast the career possibilities are in the animation industry.”

— Jenna Brown | Technical Lead, Wildbrain Studios