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A Week in the Life of a Spring Break Virtual Camper

Are you thinking about registering (or already registered) for a Digital Media Academy spring break virtual camp and wondering what to expect? There’s no need to wonder – allow us to explain.

Digital Media Academy’s spring break virtual camps combine the best that online learning and traditional learning have to offer, creating a deeply engaging, interpersonal and skill-building approach to virtual education in   fields.

Who is Spring Break Virtual Camp For?

If you are between the ages of 9 and 18 and want to dive into a technology, media or design field, spring break virtual camp might be for you. Digital Media Academy specializes in education for young learners interested in coding, animation, music production, entrepreneurship and more.

Our camps are divided into two age categories: Adventurers (9-12) and teens (13-18). Camps are also divided by skill level, from introductory to advanced , so that each student is challenged to the degree appropriate for their abilities.

2022 camps include:

  • Adventures in Filmmaking
  • Drawing and Design
  • MIDI and Beatmaking
  • Computer Programming 101
  • Adventures in Game Design
  • Creating Content for Social Media
  • And many more!

New this year, we are also excited to be offering an Entrepreneurship 101  program for students with a vision who are thinking about starting their own business.

The Basics: What To Expect In Class

Camps are one week long, with daily 2.5 hour sessions from Monday to Friday. Class sizes are limited to 10 to enable instructors to provide focused attention for each student throughout the sessions.

A typical session is broken down into several components, beginning with a structured activity for students to build relationships; in a virtual environment, fostering connection is especially important. This time is what we refer to as “CONNECT”.

Following CONNECT , sessions are typically segmented as follows:

  • APPLY: Instructors present an interactive lesson to model a new skill, working collaboratively with students to ensure that common understanding is reached.
  • DEMONSTRATE: Students then have the opportunity to show their learning by applying the skill and understanding they have acquired to their portfolios.
  • FEED-FORWARD: Other instructors offer feedback. Ours offer “feed-forward” – constructive observations that students can use to build their skillset and take the next actionable step. Students also have the opportunity to give and receive feed-forward peer-to-peer.

The rest of the session is devoted to learner-led project development, individualized support for each student, and assessment of students’ pre-existing knowledge in preparation for the next day’s topic.

The Shape of the Week: Creating a Masterpiece

Perhaps the most exciting part of spring break virtual camp is the completion of a project of the student’s choosing. Each week begins with the building of foundational skills and progresses with opportunities to advance those skills and collaborate with peers, all guided and supported by an instructor who is a leader in their field.

On the final day of camp, we have Portfolio Presentations. Students have the opportunity to present their portfolios to their peers as well as their parents and potential clients. But what students gain is so much more than a portfolio piece they can be proud of. In working towards that goal, they build their professional skills, their ability to collaborate and work with a team, their comfort with receiving and applying feedback, and their public speaking and communication skills. More than this, our graduates regularly tell us the portfolio work they completed with Digital Media Academy was commended in interviews with colleges, universities and employers.

Why Choose Digital Media Academy?

With so many spring break activities to choose from, why choose a spring break virtual camp at Digital Media Academy?

Imagine your favorite teacher is also one of the best in the world in the STEAM field you are passionate about. Now imagine that you can connect with and learn from that teacher from the comfort of your own home.

Digital Media Academy’s instructors are selected from among the best industry specialists in the world. You may have heard the adage, “Those who can’t do, teach.” This does not apply at Digital Media Academy. Our instructors’ experience and industry knowledge are matched only by their passion for providing meaningful, engaging and relevant instruction.

To ensure that students remain engaged in a virtual setting, our spring break virtual camp instructors apply best practices in online learning, including offering opportunities for connection, performing one-on-one and group check-ins and making good use of user-friendly technological infrastructure and digital engagement tools.

Our instructors also care deeply about the success of each student, offering regular, individualized feedback and using assignment tracking and attendance monitoring to ensure each student makes progress.

Register for Spring Break Virtual Camp Today

Are you ready to learn from the best and level up your skills? Registration is now open!

Camps are offered for different age groups, for areas of interest that include Artificial Intelligence, 2D Animation, Entrepreneurship (new this year), and many more!

A complete listing of our spring break virtual camp offerings is available here.