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Our unique 8-level program is completely modular and blends synchronous (live) with
asynchronous (independent) learning to reflect the world of work. Each Level lasts 10 weeks,
2 sessions per week. Sessions last 1.5 hours (90 mins). Select a Level to see days,
times and term dates.

Are you new to Ableton Live and looking to develop your skills?

Have you completed either or both of our Artificial Intelligence Tech Camps?

Are you competent in using Python but have not completed one of our Tech Camps?

Computer Programming 101

Learn to problem-solve like a computer scientist and code like a software engineer using Python, the world’s most in-demand programming language.

Computer Programming 102

Grow your software engineer mindset with advanced programming concepts like data structures, algorithms, recursion, SQL statements, queries and operations.

Data Science

Understand data science’s role in AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing as you acquire data, clean, explore and visualize data. Industry Masterclass, Real-world Client Brief

Applied Data Science (Machine Learning)

Build intelligent systems, detect statistical biases and understand supervised and unsupervised Machine Learning to solve real-world business problems.

Natural Language Processing

Learn how to teach machines to understand human language in one of the most broadly applied areas of Machine Learning, using regular expressions and sentiment analysis.

AI & Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is a big concern for businesses and IT leaders across the globe. Learn to think like a hacker to protect against hackers while also understanding implications on privacy.

Data Products

Start preparing for your life as a data scientist by gaining more hands-on practice solving real-world case studies using intelligent systems.

AI & ML Application

Solve real business problems by meeting the client and proposing, designing and developing a unique AI or ML product using the latest technology to improve the organization.

Example student portfolio

Enjoy what Digital Media Students past and present have created.
“I really appreciate that this Tech Accelerator distils such a complex subject into an approachable form.
Students cover Artificial Intelligence theory and learn how AI tools are applied in the real world and the implications of
using AI on real industry problems.”
— Charlie Friend | Software Engineer, Microsoft