Bring Your STEAM Vision To Life

Our team will work with you to understand your unique learning goals and context to develop the perfect STEAM framework for your school.

A sustainable STEAM strategy requires an ongoing process of planning and reflection. Our flywheel approach will guide your team to make your STEAM vision into reality.

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Begin your STEAM journey today!
  • Step 1: Strategy & Vision Alignment

Create Your Roadmap For Success

Our expert educators will guide the consultation process. We will look at the current state of STEAM at your school, where you want to go and create a skill development map to ensure students gain the skills they need to thrive in 21st-century life and work.

  • Step 2: Professional Learning

Upskill & Prepare For Launch

We’ll unlock the potential of your team with guided professional learning and curriculum orientation sessions. They can learn from the best and join our global community of forward-thinking educators and STEAM schools.

  • Step 3: Impactful Delivery

Bring The Learning To Life

Explore real-world learning opportunities and bring the curriculum to life through innovative classroom practices and project-based activities.

  • Step 4: Reflective Practice

Continuous Learning & Growth

We design and deliver surveys and host reflection sessions for the team to come together to reflect on our successes and pin-point areas for further growth and development.

“Digital Media Academy’s program was dynamic and comprehensive and included several hands-on experiments. Working with students across the globe presented technical challenges and the Digital Media Academy team was flexible and responsive.”

Mary Helmig

Vice President, Legacy International

Bring Your STEAM Vision To Life!