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Our student-centered and academically robust K-12 STEAM curricula include 70+ teacher-led and 30+ self-paced STEAM courses across six subject areas.

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  • Up-to-date Curriculum

Future-proof Your Students

A long-term STEAM strategy requires a curriculum you can count on to prepare learners for the careers of the future. Let us do the heavy lifting for you by keeping the courses up-to-date and aligned with emerging and cutting-edge technologies. Our technology education curricula includes subjects in Computer Science, Game Development, Music and Media, Digital Arts, Engineering, and Business.

  • Built for All Educators

Easy to Implement

Our classroom-ready STEAM curriculum is built for all teachers regardless of their prior knowledge. From beginner to advance, our curriculum includes easy-to-follow Professional Learning modules for teachers to feel confident delivering the material to students.

  • Research Proven Impact

Rigorous and Verified

Our pedagogically rigorous curriculum is designed by industry professionals and independently verified by Stanford Graduate School of Education, The University of Texas EPIC STEM Evaluation Services, and the International Society in Technology Education (ISTE ) to meet the highest standards in 21st-century Technology and Creative Education.

  • Curriculum Connections

Aligned with Education Standards

You can feel confident that the learning outcomes of our STEAM courses are aligned to leading education standards and can be integrated into your core curriculum, offered as a co-curricular club, or utilized for holiday program camps.

“As a teacher new to coding, I enjoyed the step-by-step approach of AI and Machine Learning. I was unfamiliar with coding through Scratch and I enjoyed the process of learning these new skills as much as the students.”

Yvonne DeWith

John Knox Christian School

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