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    Benjamin Cottingham

    Benjamin Cottingham holds a bachelor in History from North Carolina Chapel Hill and a Masters in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies from Stanford University. He has extensive experience throughout the K-12 system as a teacher, researcher, organizer, and support provider collaborating with education stakeholders at the state, county, district, and school level. Benjamin believes that… Continue reading Benjamin Cottingham

      David Crozier

      At the heart of David’s practice is the belief that tomorrow’s biggest problems will be solved by today’s trailblazing young people. Leveraging his experience in education management, he is responsible for our instructors, curricula, industry partnerships and technology. He cares deeply about learners’ holistic wellbeing, socio-emotional development and industry readiness. What does this all add… Continue reading David Crozier

        Olivia Carrion

        Olivia joined Digital Media Academy officially in February of 2016 within the Customer Service Department. With her, she brought a true desire to be part of a company that is making a positive difference in the lives of today’s youth through the power of STEAM education. Olivia is passionate about consistently delivering high-quality programs to… Continue reading Olivia Carrion

          Jamie Turner

          Jamie was appointed Director of Education for the global leading STEAM curriculum company Digital Media Academy in December 2019. Prior to joining Digital Media Academy, Jamie taught for four years at East London Arts and Music Academy in London, UK, a world-class 16-19 Academy offering young people everything that they will need to lead successful… Continue reading Jamie Turner

            Bruno Gomes

            Bruno started at Digital Media Academy in 2019 as the Director of Business Development and in 2020 became the CEO. A passionate entrepreneur, an educator and an innovative leader with over 20 years’ experience in planning, evaluating and commercializing new products and services. Bruno’s passion is innovative learning  experiences and entrepreneurship.

              Rafaela Tundisi

              Internationally educated in Canada and Brazil, Rafaela brings extensive leadership experience to Digital Media Academy as Director of Marketing. Before joining Digital Media Academy, Rafaela worked for several years as a Marketing Manager, where her creativity, marketing plans, and strategies have resulted in significant impacts on metrics. Rafaela’s leadership philosophy includes substantial results-oriented work focused… Continue reading Rafaela Tundisi

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