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Digital Media Academy Announces 1000 Scholarships for Talented Learners Aged 9 to 18

The Leading Digital Education Provider Believes That 21st Century Learning is for Everyone


  • Applications are now open for the Virtual Spring Camps FULL scholarships – the deadline to apply is March 4th.
  • FULL Scholarships are open to ALL passionate learners aged 9 to 18.
  • Virtual Spring Camps will be held from March 14th to April 14th.
  • Scholarships are limited to 1 week course per student.
  • Spring break virtual camps are one-week programs that offer immersive education in coding, music production, artificial intelligence, animation, video game design, entrepreneurship, and other STEAM fields.
  • Digital Media Academy’s goal is to build up the next generation of digital citizens by making high-quality, enriching education available to all.
  • More information can be found at

What could the student in your life achieve with the support of a world-class education and a network of industry experts showing them the ropes? Digital Media Academy offers the opportunity to find out.

Today, the leading global provider of digital education announced that they will be offering one thousand full scholarships for their Virtual Spring Camps. The scholarships will be open to all students aged 9 to 18 who show aptitude or special interest in the camps’ areas of focus, which include computer programming, coding, animation, music production, video game design, entrepreneurship and more.

With each FULL scholarship covering costs for a spot in a Virtual Spring Camp, CEO Bruno Gomes hopes to open Digital Media Academy’s doors even wider to talented young learners who want to take their passion to the next level.

“We want to build up the next generation of digital leaders,” says Gomes. “We want to provide talented learners from all walks of life with the opportunity to pursue their passion, build their portfolios and level up with the support of industry leaders and experts.”

With businesses worldwide undergoing a digital transformation, not only are digital media and technology skills a rewarding pursuit in themselves, but obtaining them is a key ingredient for success in the job markets of the future.

“Our goal is to get students ready for the 21st century world,” says Gomes. “We want to spark the passion of the next generation of innovators and creators. We know that if we provide the right tools, they can do more. They can be more.”

Scholarship applications are open now until March 4th and can be found at this link.

About Virtual Spring Camps

Digital Media Academy’s Virtual Spring Camps combine the best that online learning and traditional learning have to offer, creating a deeply engaging, interpersonal and skill-building approach to virtual education in STEAM fields.

The week-long camps are offered in two age categories (9-12 and 13-18) and in disciplines such as Adventures in Filmmaking, Drawing and Design, MIDI and Beatmaking, Computer Programming 101, Adventures in Game Design, Creating Content for Social Media, and many more.

More information about Virtual Spring Camps can be found here:

About Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy (then Academy for New Media) was founded in 1999 on the campus of Stanford University to provide technology education to K to 12 teachers and develop technology immersion courses for students. In 2002, the Academy for New Media became Digital Media Academy and greatly expanded its technology education programs, operating in the most prestigious universities: Stanford University, Oxford University, NYU, UPenn, U Chicago, U Washington, UCLA, UC San Diego, UBC, U Toronto, and others. Since then, Digital Media Academy has delivered applied technology education to over 500,000 students in 1,100+ schools in 125+ countries online.