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LGiselle and DMA

Digital Media Academy x Ableton Contest Winner – LGiselle

This past summer 15-year-old Leticia R., also known as LGiselle, won the DMA x Ableton Music Creators Contest. Her song, titled “Marble CAKE”, is a remix of Shawn Wasabi’s Marble Soda. Any student taking our Music Production courses were able to submit their final project song for consideration to win the prize of an Ableton Push, one of the latest instruments developed by Ableton to put the power of music making and creativity at our students’ fingertips. Each of our students in Music Production courses was able to use these during the course to craft and produce their tracks. At the end of the summer, a group of instructors and judges at Digital Media Academy and Ableton listened to the hundreds of submissions and picked Leticia’s final project track as an incredible example of the creativity that all our students bring to their projects.

Ableton Push

Ableton Push, the latest music-making instrument from Ableton.

Leticia first started making music in GarageBand but just couldn’t make her songs sound the way she wanted. She eventually got Ableton for her birthday but struggled to learn the intricacies of all the tools available to her. To help Leticia reach the next level, her parents signed her up for the Electronic Music Academy at Stanford. The first week of the Academy course is Electronic Music Production with Ableton, an introductory Ableton course designed for beginners and experienced musicians. Leticia was able to learn the ins and outs of Ableton while creating a variety of tracks, remixes, samples, and drum beats. During week two, Leticia took Audio Engineering & Songwriting, an advanced course meant to refine music production for final release. During this course, she began work on “Marble CAKE”, fine-tuning her track. After Leticia’s two weeks at camp, she was able to create a number of tracks and focus on the final production of “Marble CAKE”. We are stunned by the result and congratulate her for her incredible talent and desire to learn.

Leticia is just one of many students who deserve this praise. All our students who take a Music Production course show dedication to their craft and a desire to learn. If you would like to learn modern music production workflows and create incredible tracks of your own, check out all of our Music Production courses offered this summer!

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