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Meet Sophia: A Made By Girls Student Success Story

Here at Digital Media Academy, we are proud of the work our students have done over the years. Frequently, we have parents or students themselves reach out to us and thank specific instructors or courses for having a huge impact on their lives. Today, I’d like to highlight the story of one such student, an incredible person who started her journey in a coding career at Microsoft by way of attending one of our first Made By Girls courses.

Sophia joined us in one of our very first Made By Girls courses at Stanford University, taking Intro to Java Programming in 2015. According to her instructor, she immediately stood out as an incredibly engaging person who showed interest in each lesson and admiration for her fellow classmates’ projects. From the beginning of the course, Sophia began to grow as a coder. She was always acutely aware of the impact coding had on the world and also how games can bring people together and teach a lesson that might otherwise go unlearned. Learning in a class full of girls created a sense of community for Sophia, who frequently engaged other students in conversations and thought broadly about how even small projects could impact their lives. By the end of the course, Sophia had the skills to put these ideas into action.

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In 2016, we got to meet Sophia again, when she joined us at Google where we invited DMA students to get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the tech and apps that Google was working on at the time. Our Made By Girls students were also able to attend sessions offered at Google I/O. Sophia was inspired by these tech leaders and would often approach them after to talk about their work and how they even got into these positions. Several Google employees noticed Sophia’s keen interest, including a Google VP, Tom Siegel, who invited Sophia to shadow him for a day as he went to work as VP for Trust & Safety. During her visit, Sophia got to work with Daydream, Google’s new VR headset, meet members of the Google AI team, and also follow Tom into several meetings.
Since then, Sophia has been accepted as a Microsoft Intern and is continuing her journey as a young leader in tech. We are incredibly proud of her and her work. Her mother credits the first Made By Girls course she took in coding at Stanford as the starting point for an enthusiasm and passion that has led to her recent success. We hope to follow Sophia’s journey as she begins her successful career and, more importantly, makes a positive impact on her community and the world.

Good luck, Sophia! We’re rooting for you!

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