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How-To: Adobe After Effects: Creating a Composited Scene


Composited scenes can give video an interesting look…like right out of old sci fi/fantasy TV shows.

Composited scenes are cool, allowing you to take footage of actual human characters and place those characters against fantastic and artistic backgrounds. It’s a technique that’s become familiar to all fans of classic fantasy or sci fi shows and movies, where characters are often sent to magical worlds.

It’s super-easy to put composited scenes into your own video projects, as DMA instructor and filmmaker Damien Verrett shows you in his latest how-to.

Covered in this DMA how-to tutorial:

  • How to use the Rotobrush Tool for redrawing backgrounds
  • Adding blur to backgrounds to simulate depth of field
  • How to “take back” lines made by the Rotobrush Tool
  • Benefits of running footage through a “VHS filter”
  • Creating atmospheric effects (like fog) that actually move

Watch this visual effects tutorial and discover the steps in creating a scene out of multiple visual elements. You’ll learn how to create foreground and background masks, place images into your scene, and even animate effects to bring the scene to life!

Damien Verrett is a singer/songwriter/producer/filmmaker from Sacramento, Calif. He performs under the stage name So Much Light. Check out Damien Verrett’s recent album!

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