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How-To: Adobe After Effects: Facial Tracking and Compositing

DMA instructor Damien Verrett is a touring electronic musician, but he’s also an inspired producer and filmmaker. And in his latest DMA How-To, he takes you through Adobe After Effects so he can create a wicked cool visual effect you may want to use in your own films.

Learn how easy it is to make a very cool visual effect, like those taught in our After Effects course!

In this how-to, Damien shows you how to create a face that contains three eyes, including one centered on the forehead.

It’s one of many classic visual effects that especially you sci-fi and horror fans are going to love!

Damien’s going to show you how to make a third eye, and guess where it’s going?

Covered in this DMA how-to tutorial:

  • Using the Pen Tool to create masks
  • Moving footage into the Timeline
  • Creating copies for pasting
  • Using the Tracker to synch motion for your videos
  • Animating mask paths
  • Using the Stopwatch to set a key frame

Once you study Damien’s techniques and give it a little practice, you’ll be adding the weird and mystical forehead eye whenever you want to enliven your video footage!

Damien Verrett is a singer/songwriter/producer/filmmaker from Sacramento, California. He performs under the stage name So Much Light. Check out Damien Verrett’s recent album!

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