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Founded by educators at Stanford University in 2002, DMA places academic excellence at the core of all its programs. Digital Media Academy camps are the premier STEAM education programs in the US and Canada, where students can stay for as little as a week or as long as two months in sunny California, beautiful Cambridge, or vibrant Toronto (to name a few of our locations). International students from around the world will study alongside their American and Canadian peers on prestigious campuses including Stanford University, Harvard University, UCLA, and University of Toronto.

Our campers study in an immersive learning experience and make friends with a diverse network of people with the same interests and goals.

Digital Media Academy by the Numbers

And if there was any doubt as to whether we know what we’re doing – we’ve been around for a long time, and have the numbers to show it.

Exciting Courses

At DMA, students can learn about topics like codingrobotics, Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, 3D Printing and more!

Highlights from Select Courses:

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

AI & Machine Learning

Using systems like neural nets and special algorithms, programmers can teach computers to do things like recognize faces and images, play games, or find complex patterns. Teach a computer to play your favorite game, create interactive simulations, or train it to find some really cool patterns!


3D Printing & Product Design

3D Printing & Product Design

In this course, students follow the same process as an industrial designer – putting an idea on paper, turning it into a 3D model using Tinkercad, and then printing their own prototypes and designs with an Ultimaker 3D printer!


VR Game ProgrammingGame Programming with VR/AR

In this course, students will learn the skills they need to create virtual reality games and experiences for their mobile phone or headset. Or, use the same tools to create an augmented reality story or game. Start creating the next Pokemon Go, or take your friends on an interactive tour of your favorite place.




This course will use Java fundamentals like variables and algorithms to explore creativity in the form of making art, games, or desktop apps. Students will develop critical thinking skills and even prepare for the AP Computer Science exam while using Java concepts to open the world of programming and spark creativity!


Programs for Everyone

DMA STEAM Learning Programs for Everyone

We have programs for students as young as 6 all the way up to 17 years old!

  • Jr Adventures: Students 6-8 years old
  • Adventures: Students 8-12 years old
  • Teen: Students 12-17 years old

We’ve tested these age groups for over 16 years, and know our students thrive. In each program, we’ve carefully adjusted the curriculum and the scheduling to make sure that students both learn and feel engaged and excited to be there!

Pre-Collegiate Experience at Prestigious Universities

Prestigious University Locations

We have the best teachers, the best curriculum and the best camps at the top universities. Digital Media Academy offers high-caliber pre-college experiences across the US and Canada. We believe in quality over quantity. Therefore, we carefully select our camp locations based on their ranking, prestige and academic rigor. Come sleep in the dorms, eat in the dining halls, explore the campus, and learn in the classrooms!

Expert Instructors

Expert Staff & Instructors

Our hiring process is pretty simple. In every teacher, we look for two qualities:

  1. How well do they know the material?
  2. Will they be able to create a fun and engaging experience for our students?

Our instructors represent an incredible cross-section of technical experts, freelancers, Ph.D. candidates, full-time schoolteachers, accomplished students, and entrepreneurs. Our teachers are more than just instructors, they are role models that inspire our students.

High-Quality Curriculum

The DMA Creator's Mindset

Technology is rapidly changing, which means that our curriculum needs to keep up. After each camp season, we review feedback from teachers and students, look at changes in the software and hardware, and seek out ways to make our curriculum even stronger. We want to make sure that we are providing students with access to timely and relevant skills so they are better prepared for a tech-based future.

Our curriculum has three key attributes: Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking, and Authentic Learning. We want to turn the traditional classroom experience upside down and create an environment that fosters creativity and thinking outside the box.

Career and College Prep

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Whether it is through the academics or by the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills in our courses, students in our teen programs leave camp at the end of the week better prepared for college and better informed about career options. We try to help students understand how they can grow and refine their skills well after camp is over.

Build a Portfolio + Get a Certificate

Certificate of Completion and Personal Achievement Report

Students can create their own music tracks and upload them online or build an app and put it on the App Store. They can add content to their existing film or photography portfolio, or design a game that they can share with their friends. Whatever course they choose, we’ll make sure that they walk away with a complete project that they can keep building on or playing with long after they leave.

The best part of coming to DMA? Receiving a shiny DMA Certificate that says that they successfully completed a week (or two, or three) of camp at Stanford, Harvard, or whatever location they choose to attend. They’ll be able to include that certificate on college applications to demonstrate proficiency in that subject area.

We Know You Well!

DMA Hosts GEC at Stanford University, January 2018

DMA has hosted hundreds of students from all over the world for a number of years and understands the rigor and high standard of excellence expected from parents. We have taken the time to meet with schools, parents, educators, and children to better familiarize ourselves with the teaching styles and expectations of our international students. We’ve sent our teachers to summer/winter camps and both international and public schools all over the world. We look forward to hosting more international students and providing them with the best STEAM education experience possible!


“Alex attended DMA for Robotics and Engineering last year at Duke University and I’ve seen a remarkable change in my son. He had self confidence like I had never seen. He was so proud that he was learning at such a prestigious university. He learned a lot about robotics and computer programming and still comments on it to this day. He really matured a lot after the summer experience last year. His confidence and eagerness to learn skyrocketed.”  – Shanell J., Parent

“The 3D printing class I took this week was incredibly enlightening. Learning to construct, and then print, a playground structure for a non-profit organization was a fantastic experience”  – Baker S., Student

“At Nueva [School], Intersession is an intellectual and experiential feast for the students. What makes Intersession are the incredibly talented and passionate presenters — authentic purveyors of their craft — who we curate for the program.  Digital Media Academy has become an incredible partner for us providing some of the most cutting-edge sessions to our students.  What I love is that their programs can scale to meet the needs of our most advanced students. Austin Broder is presenter extraordinaire and completely relates to our students offering incredibly authentic, hands-on, real world relevant programs including all the equipment/technology required. Austin is smart, fun, passionate, engaged and a waiting list of students look forward to him returning every year.” – Linda Yates, Intersession Coordinator, Nueva School

Vedika Naryanan

Vedika is the VP of Business Development for Digital Media Academy.

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