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Digital Media Academy has partnered with Clever Play to bring … to Bahrain.

DMA’s Framework including learning pathways.

What is the Digital Media Academy for Schools?

It’s a Comprehensive K-12 curriculum covering 7 different learning pathways aligned with Leading International Standards

Case Studies

Schools all over the globe are achieving success and developing bright student futures using our courses and programs.

APG School – Bahrain

SRI KDU - Malaysia

Colegio Paraiso - Brazil

Swaffield School - UK

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“Digital Media Academy offers comprehensive programs well-versed in technology, the courses are upgraded at regular intervals and the view things from a learner’s perspective too. We decided to partner with Digital Media Academy because they offered the best STEAM program available in the market.”

Latifa Al-Khalifa Franchisee Bahrain

“Digital Media Academy program was dynamic and comprehensive and included several hands-on experiments. Working with students across the globe presented technical challenges and the Digital Media Academy Team was flexible and responsive.”

Mary Helmig Vice President - Legacy International

“Digital Media Academy programs and methodology inclined and oriented towards Job Specific Contents and aligned with the challenges induced by the recent shift in paradigm toward digital revolution based on elite Standards.”

Deniz Kara Franchisee UAE

“Digital Media Academy enables schools to prepare students with the skills they need for their future. It’s not just an online curriculum, it’s a whole program with support and structure that allows schools to make the most of the STEAM content and ensure they get the results they were aiming for.”

Dina Ghobashy Sr. Manager, Education Leadership at Microsoft
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    Proven Track

    Our programs are taught at premier schools in over 125 countries and have been verified by multiple independent researchers, associations, and universities


    Prepare students for careers in Game Design, Computer Science, Music Production, Filmmaking, Creative Design, Digital Storytelling, and Entrepreneurship

    Broad Learning

    Our focus on Project-Based Learning gives students practical, hands-on experience with a combination of in-person and online coursework for levels K-12