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Become a Master Licensee

Be a STEAM education leader in your region by offering Digital Media Academy’s portfolio of world-class STEAM programs.

With our STEAM program, you can offer a robust curriculum and increase revenue.

World Class Curriculum

Offer over 100 STEAM courses for K-12 students in self-paced and teacher-led formats, both continuously updated. Our world-class curriculum with impactful results has been confirmed by Stanford Graduate School of Education, University of Texas studies, and the ISTE Seal of Alignment.

Revenue Drivers

Generate revenue by promoting and operating after-school programs, tech camps, online learning programs, and more. Be trained from the startup phase, through to marketing, sales and operations. We offer resources such as brand guides, sales materials, teacher guides, hardware and software requirements, and more.

Much More Than Just a Curriculum

Make an impact on the lives of student with these revenue streams

On-campus Camps
Virtual Camps
Virtual After-school
After-school Programs
STEAM Certification for Schools
STEAM Curriculum
Consulting Services for Governments
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Give your business a distinct advantage

Subject Areas

Our comprehensive elementary and high school (K-12) curriculum covers 6 subject areas aligned with Leading International Standards: computer science, digital arts, engineering, game development, business and music & media.

Truly a global program


Steps to Become a Digital Media Academy Master Licensee

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the agreement duration, and how is it renewed at the end of the term?2022-12-14T19:05:57-08:00

Digital Media Academy Master Franchising agreement duration is 5 (five) years and automatically renewed for another 5(five) years with no renewal fee if the Master Franchisee complies with all existing terms and conditions in the Master Franchising agreement.

Who develops Digital Media Academy programs?2022-12-14T19:05:42-08:00

Our team of Stanford educators and industry experts design, develop and update our programs to provide the latest technology education for our students.

Who is the ideal candidate for becoming a Master Licensee of Digital Media Academy?2023-01-31T22:21:59-08:00

Qualified candidates for the Digital Media Academy Master Licensee program come from different industries such as education, management and technology. The best Master Licencee candidate must have three key components:

A – Commitment to providing high-quality educational programs;
B – Qualified management team
C – Knowledge of the market in the location you’re applying for.

What kind of support will be provided by Digital Media Academy?2022-12-14T19:04:59-08:00

Master Franchisee core teams participate in online training sessions provided by our HQ team of specialists in marketing, sales, operations and education. Digital Media Academy also offers ongoing training and support, including guidelines, manuals, webinars, professional development sessions and course updates.

Why is Digital Media Academy better than others?2022-12-14T19:04:14-08:00

Digital Media Academy programs’ are taught at premier schools in over 125 countries and have been endorsed by multiple independent researchers, associations, and universities (Stanford Graduate School of Education, EPIC STEM Evaluation Services at The University of Texas, ISTE, etc). In addition, with over 100 courses for  K-12 students in six subject areas. Our team of Stanford educators and industry experts brings the latest technology education to thousands of students every year.

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“DMA is dedicated to helping us succeed in delivering the highest-quality educational experiences to our students, and their expertise in the field of digital media is evident in their comprehensive and innovative curriculum.”

Jack Liu

Vancouver Franchise Owner

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