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See how Microsoft Showcase Schools worldwide are implementing the Digital Media Academy STEAM curriculum to empower educators and prepare future-ready students. Get access to 100+ K-12 Online & In-Person STEAM Courses easy to implement in all subjects, apply by February 28th, 2022.

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What is Digital Media Academy for Schools?

Digital Media Academy for Schools is an innovative learning and training program for K-12 schools to empower every educator to deliver technology education into their classrooms enhancing existing curricula; ensuring learners are future-ready; and making the most of existing technology.
Digital Media Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum covering 7 different learning pathways aligned with Leading International Standards. Get access to 100+ courses in: Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Music Production, Creative Design, Game Development, Digital Storytelling and Entrepreneurship.
Become a Certified School and offer the same online and on campus programs presented by Digital Media Academy for over 20 years at Stanford University, Oxford University, NYU, UPenn, U Chicago, U Washington, UCLA, UC San Diego, UBC, U Toronto, and others.

$USD 5000+

  • 10 Teacher Accounts
  • Full-access to 30 Foundation Courses
  • Full-access to 5 Professional Courses
  • Easy-to-use Instructional Resources, downloadable in Office 365 formats
  • Core Team Orientation and implementation
  • Teacher Training Session
  • Curriculum Planning Support
  • Support (Helpdesk/Live)
  • Community Access
  • Teacher PD Certificates
  • Dedicated Account Manager

Easy to Implement Curriculum Aligned with the Microsoft Transformation Framework

The Microsoft K-12 Education Transformation Framework guides leaders to envision and find possibilities in the changing landscape of the education systems around the globe. Digital Media Academy is a perfect solution for educators who are following the Microsoft Transformation Framework and want to make sure that their students are learning 21st century skills and taking advantage of all the tools and softwares available to them.
Our courses provide accessible avenues for students and teachers to engage in STEAM activities, to participate in hands-on real world projects, collaborate, and come up with innovative solutions. Digital Media Academy puts students, educators, and school leaders at the heart of the transformative journey while encouraging continual alignment with 21st century, industry-standard technology education curriculum.

Standard Aligned

Our methods and results have been studied and endorsed by research departments from universities,
independent education associations, and global brands.

Engaging Relevant Technology Lessons

Instructional materials are media-rich, age appropriate and timely to engage the entire class in transformative learning experiences. Course content offers a broad range of topics, discussion, activities, and projects to foster group collaboration, creative experimentation, and interest-based learning.

Microsoft Showcase School Case Studies

Learn from Microsoft Showcase Schools from across the globe, using our courses and preparing their students to become the leaders of tomorrow!

Makassed ABAT College – Lebanon

SRI KDU - Malaysia

Colegio Paraiso - Brazil

Are you a Microsoft Innovative Educator?

Digital Media Academy has partnered with Microsoft to empower Microsoft Innovative Educators with a world-class curriculum covering 7 different learning pathways. Become a STEAM educator in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Music Production, Creative Design, Game Development, Digital Storytelling and Entrepreneurship. 

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The Digital Media Academy courses focus on helping both teachers and learners apply different strategies in learning and teaching processes such as overcoming challenges and finding solutions to real-world problems. They increase our youth’s motivation and self-esteem by helping them complete more complex tasks.

Rana Sabbidine, Makassed Ali Bin Abi Taleb College
Digital Media Academy enables schools to prepare students with the skills they need for their future. It’s not just an online curriculum, it’s a whole program with support and structure that allows schools to make the most of the STEAM content and ensure they get the results they were aiming for.
Dina Ghobashy, Sr. Manager, Education Leadership at Microsoft
I was very much impressed with the types of courses that Digital Media Academy offers. Digital Media Academy offers a constructive curriculum with comprehensive resources so our teachers were equipped and our students were engaged in hands-on and engaging activities all along.
Narish Tamilarasan, Sri KDU International School, Klang