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Welcome to the Digital Media Academy. We are a learning community of diversity and excellence through memorable and innovative educational experiences led by the highest-quality instructors building skill and confidence to empower life-long learners to follow their dreams and make a lasting impact. We are known for our Impactful Online and On-campus courses in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Music Production, Creative Design, Game Development, Digital Storytelling and Entrepreneurship.

About Digital Media Academy

Digital Media Academy was founded in 1999 on the campus of Stanford University to provide technology education to K12 teachers and develop technology immersion courses for students. In 2002, the Academy for New Media became Digital Media Academy and greatly expanded its technology education programs and operated in the most prestigious universities: Stanford University, Oxford University, NYU, UPenn, U Chicago, U Washington, UCLA, UC San Diego, UBC, U Toronto, and others. Since then, Digital Media Academy has delivered applied technology education to over 500,000+ students in 1,100+ schools in 125+ countries online and in-person.

Virtual Tech Camps Reviews

Overall I really enjoyed the Tech-camp. I learned a lot of things i didn’t know before like correct lighting, camera angles, what FPS to film at etc. I thought the software was easy to use and it improved my filming skills a lot.
-Louise, student
I was able to fully learn the basics of photoshop and photography in a little amount of time, whilst having fun. I was also able to master Lightroom. I had an amazing experience with DMA!
-Tai, student
DMA Virtual Camps was a godsend. At first, I didn't see much value in a virtual course, however, it provides students with a well-rounded assessment of various careers compared to just completing one course in person.
-Michael, student
My son was very happy to be able to use Adobe Premiere Pro since his school only uses iMovie. He was very happy to explain his work which we were pleasantly surprised at since he usually is not too enthusiastic about explaining what he did at school or in class!
-Raraka, parent
My child came away from DMA with a whole new set of skills to match his interests. DMA virtual Tech-camps gave us an easy way to encourage our child’s creativity and build new skills. We couldn’t be happier.
-Charlene, parent
My instructor is never afraid to help me with anything I am having trouble with. He thoroughly explains topics to allow me to get a firm understanding of it.
-Anna, Student

Virtual After-school Programs reviews

DMA has been a wonderful experience for my son. Not only was he paired with an industry professional who was willing and able to create a lesson plan based on his specifications, but Jamie and the team listened closely to his feedback and were very willing to adjust plans accordingly. This is an excellent program with a talented and child-focused staff.
-Allie, parent
From a parent's perspective, I couldn't be happier with the DMA Tech Accelerators program so far! Our daughter has been very inspired by this class and has enjoyed it immensely. It's a small group, which can have its challenges, but the instructor seems well-equipped to keep the kids engaged and learning. Thank you for this opportunity DMA, and for all the hard work I know has gone into making this program a successful experience for everybody involved!
-Janellen, parent
I had a really memorable experience here, I learned a lot about business and entrepreneurship, I will strongly recommend it to my friends in the future.
-Phillip, student.
My instructor always checks in on us and if anyone feels lost he helps us. His feedback is helpful and constructive.
-Ryan, Student
The knowledge my instructor has about the subject is great!
-Thien, student
My instructor knows what he is doing and is great at teaching and communicating his passion.
-Liu, Student

On-Campus Camps reviews

I am a former student of DMA who attended a few of their different coding boot camps. I attended a Java course on 3 different summers and Unity development and their iOS development during another summer. Overall, I had a very memorable experience. The staff there were professional and very helpful whenever I had issues. Our learning was always the highest priority in the classroom.
-Charlie, student
Having interacted with a variety of camp counselors over the years, I was impressed with the caliber of the teachers and aids at DMA. They were sharp, communicative, really good teachers, and always willing to help individual kids with questions.
-Karla, parent
As parents, we were impressed with the qualifications and experience of his instructors- and even more, impressed by the fact he was able to further develop his skills- in cinematography, sound effects and audio editing, visual special effects, and more refined editing. By working in both teams and as an individual- he made new friends and developed his teamwork and time management skills.
-Jen, parent
DMA is family run and feels like a family. Extremely caring, professional and quick to address any concerns that may arise. The content of the classes was stimulating and appropriately challenging. I would highly recommend DMA to any family looking for a top quality summer camp experience. Our son is now a computer science major at UC Berkeley and I'm convinced the fun he had learning programming at DMA helped put him on this path!
-TL, parent
It is one of the best camps my kids have ever attended. It is an academic camp so your kids will learn (if they pay attention) what you sent them to learn. It is NOT a fluffy face-painting camp it's an actual course and your child can continue learning afterward.
-Andrea, parent
Not only did she learn everything one would learn in a semester of advanced filmmaking in college she realized her true passion and what she sees herself doing with her life. She was able to conceive film concepts, plan shots, plan dialogue, figure out props, a film using various state of the art equipment as well as act and edit to produce two completely different films which were showcased at the end of each week to fellow students, teacher's assistants and parents in a film festival.
-Michelle, parent

Why Digital Media Academy

Choose from a variety of on-campus and online programs to discover your true passion and skills. Learn from industry experts and master your skills with professional hardware and software.
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Proven Track

Our programs are taught at premier schools in over 125 countries and have been verified by multiple independent researchers, associations, and universities


Prepare students for careers in Game Design, Computer Science, Music Production, Filmmaking, Creative Design, Digital Storytelling, and Entrepreneurship

Broad Learning

Our focus on Project-Based Learning gives students practical, hands-on experience with a combination of in-person and online coursework for levels K-12

Confirmed by the Best

Our methods and results have been studied and endorsed by research departments from universities, independent education associations, and global brands.

“The survey data pointed to a positive increase in students’ attitudes towards digital media and technology. The results suggest that students’ largely had a positive experience with Digital Media Academy that encouraged their continued participation with STEM learning activities."

Stanford Graduate School of Education

“The results of the survey demonstrate that 96% of students agreed or strongly agreed that their learning and attitudes toward STEAM improved as a result of Digital Media Academy Camps experience, and 92% of the students recommend Digital Media Academy programs to others.”

EPIC STEM Evaluation Services at The University of Texas at Austin

"The courses offered in the Digital Media Academy are well suited to enable students to understand how technology can be used to amplify their learning. The courses are well designed for the intended audiences, clearly organized for easy navigation, involve hands-on activities, include real-world projects and problems and are highly professional in presentation.”

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE)

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