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Digital Media Academy Scholarships Program 2022
Supporting talented young learners to level up their tech passion since 1999. Take your skills to the next level in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Music Production, Creative Design,Game Development, Digital Storytelling and Entrepreneurship. The same courses presented by Digital Media Academy for over 20 years at the most prestigious universities in North America.
Ages 9 -18 | Online Courses
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The Digital Media Academy and the Nudelman Family Trust bring together special opportunities to support the talented youth with thousands of scholarships every year!

The Digital Media Academy Scholarship Program aims to inspire and support outstanding students to become future digital leaders in Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Music Production, Creative Design, Game Development, Digital Storytelling and Entrepreneurship.

Become the next innovator, creator, game designer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, storyteller, animator, music producer, scientist, and more!

Self-paced courses

Level up your skills anytime, anywhere at your pace. Learn the foundations of applied technology designed by the best industry-experts. For K-12 learners ages 5-8, 9-12 and 13-18.

Virtual Camps

The same world-class in-person courses presented by Digital Media Academy for over 20 years now available online with live instructors. For ages 9-12 and 13-18.

Virtual After-school

Intensive 10-weeks course with live instructor (once or twice a week) for ages 9-12 and 13-18 that want to achieve the PRO level and create their own portfolio.

Application Process
  • 1

    STEP 1

    Answer a few simple questions in the application form.

  • 2

    STEP 2

    Your scholarship is reviewed immediately. You will receive your coupon code to proceed with course selection and registration.

  • 3

    STEP 3

    Select your course and register by adding your coupon code to the checkout page. You will receive an email confirmation of your registration.

  • 4

    STEP 4

    Get ready to learn by reviewing and sourcing the course’s software and hardware requirements

Who can Apply?

Any K-12 students who are passionate and committed to learning tech are encouraged to apply. Self-paced courses are available year-round. Tech Camps are available during the Summer, Winter and Spring. After-school programs are available during the Fall, Winter and Spring. Limited Spots available.

Inspiring Stories

This scholarship has allowed me to know how to code and how to program which has become a huge interest of mine.

Lesoni, student

This world is becoming a technology world and to be able to have that opportunity provided to my son as a scholarship was just wonderful.

Lucia, parent

This scholarship allowed me to explore a potential new career choice.

Timothy, student

This scholarship means to me that my son has the opportunity to explore tech in a new way they have never seen before.

Kevin, parent

I would definitely recommend other students apply to the scholarship because it really gives you the opportunity to have access to equipment and technology you wouldn’t have anywhere else.

Gaby, student

My husband is a teacher and I’m a part-time journalist and we never really had the resources to take it to the next level in terms of the software the hardware or a camp like this. It was really meaningful for us to get to this scholarship and she is already talking about what she’s going to do with films she's created in the camp.

Elizabeth, parent

DMA is an amazing program and a lot of kids can’t afford it. I would recommend they apply for the scholarship because it is basically the best camp I’ve ever gone to.

Julie, student

    Digital Media Academy

    Digital Media Academy was founded in 1999 on the campus of Stanford University to provide technology education to K12 teachers and develop technology immersion courses for students. In 2002, the Academy for New Media became Digital Media Academy and greatly expanded its technology education programs and operated in the most prestigious universities: Stanford University, Oxford University, NYU, UPenn, U Chicago, U Washington, UCLA, UC San Diego, UBC, U Toronto, and others. Since then, Digital Media Academy has delivered applied technology education to over 500,000+ students in 1,100+ schools in 125+ countries online.

    Corporate Partnerships

    Corporate Partnerships

    The Digital Media Scholarship Program is made possible through the kind financial support of our corporate partners and community supporters.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Any student aged 9-18 years old who is committed to learning can apply. Students must be passionate about the field they are choosing to learn with us and they must commit to attend and participate in the classes. Please note our course times are shown in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

    The scholarship covers 100% of the tuition fee for the program. It excludes any hardware and software required for the specific course. Please see the hardware and software requirements in the specific course page prior to registering and ensure it can be available and installed for the course start date. Students will receive a certificate of completion upon successful participation in the program.

    You will receive a confirmation of scholarship immediately after submitting the complete application form. You will be provided with a code that will allow you to choose a course on our website and register for free. You will also receive an email confirmation with step by step instructions on how to register.

    If you have been approved for a full scholarship:

    1. Go to our website and click on ‘Courses’.
    2. Filter the courses by ‘Programs’ and choose ‘Virtual Camps’.
    3. Select any course that is available.
    4. Select the week and time you prefer, subject to availability.
    5. Enter the learner’s information - please use the same name, last name, and birthday as the application form.
    6. Review the hardware and software requirements and click ‘Register’
    7. Open the cart and add the scholarship code to the ‘Coupon Code’ box.
    8. Click ‘Apply coupon’. You will see the amount due is zero. Click ‘Proceed to checkout’.
    9. Enter the parent or guardian information, agree to the terms and conditions and click ‘Place Order’.
    10. You will receive your enrollment confirmation on your email and email reminders with further information closer to the course start date.

    You may choose any course in the virtual Spring Break session running from March 14 to April 14, 2022, subject to availability. Each scholarship recipient is eligible for a maximum of a 1 one-week course.

    If your preferred course is sold out, please reach out to us. We will either open a new session or will give you a spot in that course during the Summer season.

    Kindly let us know if your plans change and you can no longer attend the course you’ve registered for. This will allow for another learner to take the course.

    If Digital Media Academy cancels the course you have selected, we will give you an option to choose another course or join another session of that course at a later date.

    You’re welcome to contact our Customer Service Department Monday-Friday by: